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12 steps to get answers to prayers over a tough problem

You will love these steps to get answers to prayers. I want you to carefully check out this checklist of getting answers to your prayers from God.

Jesus showed us in Luke chapter 18 the secret to getting your prayers answered by God. God answers prayers. He only needs you to come to Him in prayers with your faith.


What I found out about the steps to get answers to prayers

I have found out that one of the ways to get an answer to your prayers and a solution to a tough problem is to set time to pray consistently on the issue for a specific long period without stopping.

What do I mean by this? You have the prayer requests written down and you set about three days to pray consecutively about the same prayer request. This is what is termed, ‘importunity in prayer.’ or persistence in prayer.

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Elijah Prayed and Got Answers to his prayers

Elijah did that when he prayed for rain. That is, he was persistent in his prayers. He just prayed for one thing until he got the required result.

Daniel also continued to pray for 21 days until he got answers to his prayers. He had only one prayer point.

We (myself and my wife) used it when we prayed at night for 28 days when we were looking for the fruit of the womb. My wife got pregnant in the middle of the prayer session.

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12 Steps to Get Answers to Prayers

Follow these 12 Steps to get answers to prayers:

  1. Set a time to write down what you want God to do for you.
  2. Spend some days studying portions of God’s word that talk about the tough situation.
  3. When you find a word or a psalm, write it down. You will use it during the prayer session as the main prayer contact with God.
  4. Spend some days to ask God for repentance and forgive anyone who has offended you.
  5. You should selflessly give something like money to the needy.
  6. You can give a special offering or seed to your parents or man of God eg your pastor. Giving should be a lifestyle to you. You don’t wait until you want answers to your prayers before you give.
  7. Then set aside time to pray consistently daily for 21, 30, or even 40 days to God on just one issue. Focus on one issue only. The woman Jesus described in Luke 18 focused only on one thing – getting justice from the king.
  8. Avoid distractions. The devil will bring distractions. Avoid any form of quarrel or fight with anybody, arguments, don’t attend any party. Just go to your workplace and come back home.
  9. You can set the night time to pray or set three – hourly prayers eg 9, 12, 3, 6, 12 midnight.
  10. You can add fasting for some days. If it is vigil all through you may not fast. 1 to 2 hours in the night will be fine or as the Spirit of God leads.
  11. Note and write down revelations you receive from God.
  12. The revelations should act as direction for you during the long prayer session. You need direction because before you started the prayer, you may have had a wrong assumption about what the problem was. A revelation from God will help you to adjust your prayer point and to pray right.


Long, Concentrated Prayers Bring Results

Just as I said some results can’t happen except this type of long concentrated prayers are done. You should have a revelation from God on the 3rd day but don’t stop praying after you see the revelation.

Note: In your prayers mention a specific thing you want God to do for you.

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