6 Ways to Get the Word

You can consistently get yourself exposed to God’s Word in the following ways:

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  • By reading and studying it from the Bible.
  • Through meditations on the Word of God as we have it in the Bible.
  • In the place of prayer. God speaks to you when you pray to Him.
  • Through prophecies of anointed men of God. Always position yourself under the ministrations of anointed men of God. I don’t toy with my presence under the ministrations of these types of men. I always expect a Word which is relevant to my world at these types of assembly.
  • Through revelations or Bible-compliant dreams.
  • Through ministrations from recorded audios and videos.
  • Through books written by anointed men of God.
  • You can also exploit the internet these days. Most accomplished and anointed men of God are active on the internet. You can read rich and anointed Christian articles at my blog at http://www.sesanoguntade.com/success-articles. You can subscribe to our free Bible Short Report newsletter if you have not done so before at http://www.sesanoguntade.com/success-articles/bible-short-reports.

The Spirit of God wants to be united with you to help you start and finish great Godly projects but He needs your cooperation to do this. He needs to see you fully involved with the Word of God. He can’t do much to help you if the Word is not present in you. A Christian who wants to start and finish great projects must live his or her life in the Word of God. Until the Word of God came in, the Children of Israel were not able to restart the construction of the temple. However, when God’s Word arrived, the Spirit of God had a sure platform to stand upon to motivate them into action. Until the Word of God is fully in you, the world will still be a difficult place for you to exploit with your projects.

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Sesan Oguntade is a Christian personal development expert and a strong proponent of the need for Christian entrepreneurs to run successful godly businesses. He writes the 10-year old Bible Short Reports series with over 30 resources including ebooks, videos, video courses, PDF Check lists and podcasts.

All his problem-solving resources on starting a faith based business have helped lots of Christians to ind and use godly principles to improve their finances and also run their businesses. He watches and analyses football games when he is not writing, reading,teaching or playing with his family.



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