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7 dangers of having an impossibility mentality
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7 dangers of having an impossibility mentality

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The following are the 7 dangers of having an impossibility mentality. I believe you are going to find this very useful to you.

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What is an impossibility mentality?

Impossibility mentality is a state of mind that:

  • Lacks faith
  • Believes nothing is possible
  • Does not trust God or His Word
  • Does not see anything good in God-given visions
  • Talks defeat all the time


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Read the 7 dangers of impossibility mentality

I have listed below the 7 inherent dangers to people who carry an attitude of impossibility.

  • Inability to walk with God
  • Can two walk together except they agree (Amos 3:3). God is a God of possibility so if you operate with an impossibility attitude, you will not have the best of relationships with God!
  • They will not be able to fulfill their purpose: Fulfilling purpose requires you to take many daring moves in your lifetime. If you don’t have a possibility mentality you won’t be able to make daring moves.
  • They will always abort ideas:  According to Dr. Schuler, “Impossibility thinkers are people who instinctively react negatively to a possibility-laden idea. They look for reasons why it can’t be done”. People with this negative attitude don’t get great projects completed!
  • They will always settle for less: Since impossibility thinkers will not be able to make daring moves to start a project, they will always be ready to settle for less. The children of Israel settled for less and said to one another, “Let us select a leader and return to Egypt.”(Numbers 14:4). God’s mighty powers delivered them from long years of slavery but they were ready to take themselves back into slavery because they were impossibility thinkers.
  • They won’t do the right training: I have seen people who will not make any attempt to read books or attend relevant seminars and conferences. They are not always keen on obtaining new information, skills, and training. To them, it is of no use because they don’t believe they can ever make use of these new ideas!
  • They won’t make use of what they will read in books: Books are for people who are ready to absorb any form of information that will be of use to them. However, people with an impossibility mentality will not either read books or make use of the information they acquire in them. If you are in this category, I advise that you pray seriously over this so that you can allow God’s power to work on you as you read the Biblical principles in books.
  • They are always at the mercy of the world: “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, it is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men”. (Matthew 5:13).

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Impossibility thinkers are nobodies on the earth

If you fail to have an impossibility mentality, you will end up getting yourself trampled under the foot of men.

For many years, the children of Israel were in bondage and slavery in Egypt, they were not able to shine their lights so they were perpetually under the mercy and control of the Egyptians.

You should not go this route, Jesus has lighted you already (John 1: 4). You are no longer under the bondage and rule of the devil. God expects you to light the world by starting and completing relevant purpose-driven projects. Only project executioners reign as kings on this earth!

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