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5 Apps for homeschooling Christian parents

These apps for homeschooling Christian parents will greatly help to teach your children about the Word of God and also help to grow their Christian spirituality. This article was submitted as a guest post by Randell Dan De Vera. Now let me give the chance to our distinguished guest to show us these interesting mobile apps for homeschool Christian parents.


What are apps for homeschooling Christian parents?

Homeschooling parenting apps for Christian parents are educational apps that teach kids the basics and foundational lessons about Christianity. Children love to play games so they always love these types of apps. The apps play dual roles in entertainment and Christian education to kids.

Indeed, it’s never easy being a work-from-home parent. Sometimes, you wish you could clone yourself to make time for the kids while working. Worry no more! Have smarter and more efficient parenting using these five best parenting apps!


Am I A Good Parent?

Honestly, have you asked this question, fellow parents?

True enough, we, parents, don’t want to mess up. However, at times we doubt if we’re fit for this role. Well, it’s a good indication that we’re striving for the best.

Indeed, parenting is a big responsibility God entrusted to us. Hence, it is important to know Him first. We have our standards, but we should align them with His.

On this note, Proverbs 13:24 (ESV) says, “Whoever spares the rod hates his son.” However, “he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.” Also, Proverbs 22:6 (ESV) reminds us to “train up a child in the way he should go.” Eventually, “when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Indeed, “children are a heritage from the Lord” (Psalm 127:3, ESV). Specifically, they are precious that they deserve our best. Now, how does it speak to you and influence your Christian life?

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Apps for homeschooling Christian parents: Why Should I Use Christian Parenting Apps? 

  • They are convenient to use

Indeed, most of us are busy. Fortunately, being in this digital age allows us to maximize technology, making life more comfortable. Significantly, parenting apps lend a helping hand. As a fact, they are perfect for parent newbies who are struggling to adjust to this new responsibility.

  • They are our babies’ health secretaries and advisers.

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Interestingly, parenting apps record our babies’ body measurements. Besides, they track feeding, give pediatric guidance, and others. In a sense, they are our walking doctors!

Meanwhile, this technology can’t replace professional care. However, it provides the necessary information we need, saving much time and energy. 

  • They are our children’s milestone buddies.

As hands-on parents, we want to track our babies’ development. Significantly, parenting apps are our go-to tools.

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For instance, they provide a calendar with health tips. Also, you can write a journal entry with a photo. Even more, they record immunization, doctor visits, and so on.

  • They provide our children with holistic development.

First, parenting apps provide games for mental development. Specifically, they teach memorization, arithmetic, and analytical skills.

Moreover, these apps have fun-filled activities that develop motor skills, language, cognition, and the like. Besides, parenting apps teach our kids some problem solving and planning. Also, they help develop the ability to control emotions.

Finally, some apps come with informative Bible trivia and exciting challenges. Specifically, they get to know biblical characters in the form of quizzes.

In line with this, Isaiah 54:13 (ESV) has a reminder to us. Specifically, it says that our children must learn of God, and great will be their peace.


What are the 5 Best apps for homeschooling Christian Parenting Apps?


  • Heroes Bible Trivia    

Honestly, is studying the Bible boring for your child? Interestingly, Heroes Bible Trivia will be your new best friend!

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As the name implies, this game introduces biblical characters as “heroes.” Amazingly, they look like superheroes with their muscular body build and elegant dresses!

Now, the challenge comes with questions to answer. For every correct entry, your child gets “manna” and “power effects.” Interestingly, these perks help unlock more heroes and answer more difficult questions.

From these Bible characters, he learns the truths of God and acquires spiritual lessons. “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth” 3 John 1:4 (ESV).

Find out more here

  • Child Growth Tracker 

True enough, monitoring the child’s growth is a must, but it’s not an easy job. Amazingly, Child Growth Tracker comes to the rescue with its handy and easy-to-use advantage!

As such, say goodbye to heavy and bulky weighing scales. With this app, you can determine your child’s height, weight, and body mass index through these features:

  • Blind-friendly theme colors
  • Unlimited tracking, recording, and storage
  • Up-to-date guidelines and charts from World Health Organization
  • Fenton growth charts for premature babies

Find out more here

  • WebMD Baby App

Honestly, how would you like to have a daily reminder of your parenting duties? Interestingly, WebMD Baby App is your walking physician!

Specifically, it allows you to:

  • Track feeding, nursing, sleep, diaper condition, and growth
  • Capture and record your baby’s moments
  • Share your baby’s milestones with family and friends
  • Get the latest news, updates, and tips from parenting experts
  • Read articles and watch videos from WebMD’s pediatricians

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  • Speech Blubs  

True enough, hearing your toddler speak for the first time is one of the most fulfilling milestones. Significantly, Speech Bulbs helps your child speak better and more confidently with these exciting features:

  • Video modeling
  • Speech recognition
  • Multi-sensory and bilingual technology
  • Face filters and stickers
  • Fun and creative activities every week

Find out more here

  • Kinedu 

True enough, we, parents, are our children’s first teachers. “And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children” (Deuteronomy 6:6-7, ESV).

Indeed, we have a crucial role in our children’s early development stages. Significantly, what we teach them becomes a part of their maturity. Interestingly, Kinedu provides a long list of activity ideas appropriate for the child’s age. Aside from this, you can monitor his monthly progress.

Find out more here


Ready For a Whole Lot Better Christian Parenting Life?

Indeed, it’s never too late to improve your Christian parenting. With these apps, not only can you provide your child’s health needs, but more so lead him to God.

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