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Benefit of renewing your mind

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I want you to nook at this interesting benefit of renewing your mind. This is from our Action Power for Today series


Renewing your mind with the Word of God

If it’s written, then it’s written. The Word of God is written and it’s settled for ever. Find out what is written about you in the scripture.

This is a sure way to stay above the troubled waters all the time. David said ‘I come in the volume of books as it’s written of me’ (Psalm 40:7)

Never allow anything, any false information or any devil to come in between your mind, God and His Word. Your mind thrives best with information from the Word of God. Keep your heart and mind with all diligence.


Christian resources for the renewing of your mind

I want you to check out these Christian resources for the renewing of your mind.

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