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Benefits of setting godly goals

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If you want to know the benefits of setting godly goals, you will find them in this post. I have met lots of Christians who don’t have godly desires or godly goals set for their lives, career, business and family. This is not appropriate.

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Benefits of setting godly goals: Attracting God’s blessings

With your godly desires turned into set goals, you set yourself up to enjoy the blessings of God and to have answered prayers. How?

God is looking for desires to grant! Some Christians are actually delightful servants of God.

They serve God with integrity of heart and they are even very prayerful. But whenever God looks at blessing them, He usually don’t find any desire to grant. God’s Word says:

Psalms 37:4

[4]Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

God grants godly desires

God wants you to have godly desires He can grant. He wants you to turn those desires into goals.

He wants you to come into a prayer session with those set goals. Whenever He wants to bless you and finds no desires or goals set, you lose out and He moves on.

Benefits of setting godly goals: Don’t be goal less

Stop being a goal-less or desire-less Christian or person. Set goals from Godly desires so God can have something to grant you whenever you go into a prayer session.

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