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This bible faith study course was produced from my practical experience walking by faith to overcome challenges in my life, family and business over the years. A walk of faith with God is a necessity and it’s compulsory for Christians in order to command the miraculous.

I promised to tell you more about this online course in an earlier post. I am fulfilling my promise today. The course title is: The Miraculous.


Why a bible faith study course?

This bible faith study was born out of my desire to pass relevant biblical information and contents out to others about my discoveries while waiting on God to overcome different challenges in life. The need to overcome these obstacles took me on a study journey to find out what the Christian Faith is all about.

If faith is all that is needed, according to the Word of God, to please God and to receive His help to overcome obstacles, then it’s necessary for me to find out what it’s all about. It’s also necessary for you to understand what faith is all about and it’s relevant to you too.

As a result of the need above, the Spirit of God helped me to do this bible faith study course. This course shares practical and simple-to-apply strategies to walk effectively by faith with God.

You need to take a look at it here


Pleasing God with your faith

Without a walk of faith by a Christian, it’s impossible to please God and get the miracles or breakthroughs you need over that challenge or problem. We are not designed by God to live on this earth without His help and support.

The earth and the evil that’s prevalent in it will crush us if we don’t have access to God’s help. This is a big fact that will not go away because it’s written very clearly in the Word of God.

The principles or strategies shared in this course are biblical and I picked a lot from my personal walk of faith with God. So you will learn from several descriptions of my Christian testimonies.


What you’ll learn from this bible faith study course

The following are some of the lessons you will learn from this bible faith study course:

  • Practical definitions of the Christian faith
  • How to get results with your faith
  • How to practically represent faith to get a miracle
  • The three important foundations for the Christian faith
  • How to overcome demonic resistance to your faith
  • How to apply faith in your marriage, family, work or business
  • The working relationship between faith and grace
  • Pictorial representation of faith to get results
  • How to apply faith to get answers to prayers
  • And more…

Please read more and enroll for this course today.

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I love to teach and use success principles from the Bible to solve practical problems. My many books tell all the stories. All problems have their solutions in the Bible. I am married with kids.

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