April 6, 2018

Bible Short Reports Series

Our Bible Short Reports series solves practical problems of the people and the society. It’s over 8-year old. You can download and begin to use all these titles below free by filling a simple form at Bible Short Reports

Check out the free titles below:

7 Golden Qualities of Christian Achievers

How to overcome failure and achieve success 

10 Success Secrets of Jesus

Christian Motivational Messages

How to leave your comfort zone and break your limits in life and in business

It Goes Beyond Your Dance Steps

How to Develop the Skills of Solving Problems

Doctrines of Demons

How to identify and avoid them

How to Maintain Focus and Concentration

practical tips on how to reach the end of projects

How Healthy is Your Faith?

How to Kick Start That Great Organisation 

Despite All the Odds Against You

How to Persistently Thank and Praise God

 Despite the negative circumstances around you

How to Receive Godly Breakthroughs

Simple tips to know when the breakthrough moments are around and wait to receive them

How To Fly With Your Faith

How You Can begin To Overcome Worry and Anxiety

3 Practical Tips shows You How

Jesus and Your Success

13 End-Time Lies

You Must Avoid Like a Plague!

How To Turn Your Resolutions Into Actions

How To Set And Achieve New Year Resolutions

Saviours Wanted!

To Stop Nigeria from Dying