April 6, 2018

Christian Business Book Series

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Christian Business Book Series contains book titles that have been written to help Christian entrepreneurs and other business owner run successful businesses and still maintain their morality and Christian spirituality.

Read what users of some of these books have said on the Amazon online bookstore:

“Being a Christian, I was able to relate to the biblical principles of operating a business. My business has increased 15% since reading and applying the techniques in this book. Great for Kindle owners”. From a reader who bought ’52 Bible Secrets For Your Business Success’

“I was truly blessed and encouraged others to read this book. The advice, scriptures and testimonies has inspired me to push and look to God for my success”. From a reader who bought ‘How To Maintain Focus and Concentration’

Check out any of the titles you want and visit any of the author pages below: (browser will open in another window)

 10 Secrets of Christian Personal Development
 27 Christian Ways To Improve Your Job Performance
 33 Effective Christian Strategies to Grow a Successful Business
 52 Bible Secrets For Your Business Success … (and how organizations have used these secrets in their businesses)
How to Make Your Books Appeal to Readers
How to Maintain Focus and Concentration … (practical tips on how to reach the end of projects)
Billion-Dollar Freebies Strategy
Unique and Efficient Small Business Marketing Fundamentals to Grow Your Business
How to Start Profitable Businesses from Simple Ideas and With What You Have … (Power secrets to execute ideas and projects. Practical stories of how Bible and modern-day people started and ran profitable organizations)
How to Overcome Fear Spiritually
9 practical and powerful ways to get rid of any type of fear
Mysteries of Common Logic Marketing
Marketing ideas for entrepreneurs, small business owners, managers, and professionals.
Practical Guide to Christian Self Improvement
The Christian Entrepreneur
 How Christians can run profitable businesses without breaking the rules of God
Is Tithing a Godly Practice?
Over 30 Bible facts you have not been told about the tithe you pay!
Wealth Codes
An epic Christian novel on strong financial teachings and wealth creation
Bible Secrets For Effective Teaching

Check out any of the titles you want and visit any of the author pages below: (browser will open in another window)