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I have written about many biblical money management principles on this blog and in many of my information products. This post is going to show you how a Christian can compound his wealth following the principles as taught in the Bible.


Are there biblical money management principles?

Yes there are and they are found all through the Bible. You need to scan through the categories of this blog to see them. I have been inspired to see these biblical money management principles and I have tried to live and work my finances and businesses using these principles.

I love to discover principles especially from the Bible and I love to put them to work. I also love to put them in books and as articles so that others can learn them and use them.


Einstein’s compounding formular

Albert Einstein’s compounding formula is widely adjudged as the best compounding math tool. Well, I believe this too. That formula is indeed correct in all sense of it.

You can’t take away anything from the great works of this great man. This formular has been of great use to us on this earth in so many ways.


A biblical money management principles I discovered

Sometimes ago, I discovered a bible verse and after some deep meditation, the “compounding qualities” of this passage was revealed to me. This is the bible passage: “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things shall be given unto you as well” (Mathew 6:33).

This statement is from the Master teacher, Jesus Christ. He knew we will always need a Godly and proven method of compounding our money and He gave it to us. Now, I know you are eager to know the compounding principle of this bible passage. I will tell you in a moment.

One of the ways of compounding or multiplying money is to invest money into a profitable venture. The type of investment you choose will determine how your money grows. So in a bid to make the most of your situation and get the best of your investment, you will search frantically for the best investment product around.

Well, from the passage above, the best investment product you can ever choose is “to seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness”!

I want you to look at this ‘investment product’ in details:


Seek First His Kingdom and it’s Righteousness

Seeking God’s kingdom represents valuable biblical money management principles that can help you to mulitply money and resources. You need to give God first place in your life and you must always make effort to do whatever He ask you to do if you want to begin to use this ‘investment product’.

  • You should ensure you begin to do the following:
  • Start thinking about His kingdom first every time.
  • Start using your resources to promote the gospel here on the earth.

Let your business be relevant in one way or the other in promoting the kingdom of God on this earth.

I am telling you from experience, whatever you spend promoting the gospel will come back to you with great results.


What are the results of this investment product?

I want you to see it again from the scripture above: “And all these things will be given to you as well”. All these things (not one of these things) will be given to you. Great! What an opportunity to have all these things.


My personal experience with this biblical money principle

Let me share with you briefly one of my personal experiences. Many years ago, before I started out in ministry, my wife and I wanted to start a business.

Everything was set; I had undergone different kinds of trainings on the type of business we wanted to go into. So the stage was set.

We took a loan from the co-operative society where I worked and I planned to set out in a big way. However, after a Sunday service, the Lord ministered to us to give out the money to support our church’s building project at the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

I must confess it was difficult obeying this instruction as I had a plan to slowly disengage myself from my place of work after we must have started the business. Well we had no option but to obey Him.

If He wants the money, then we must give it. The next one year was about the most eventful for my wife and I. God took control of the situation and practically pushed me out of paid employment and we finally started out in business – now not just in any form of business but in His own form of business.

By the time I was leaving paid employment, I had over 50 divinely given ideas already well documented. The compounding attribute of this bible passage is real and working!

And do you know something; you can continue to put your resources into this ‘investment product’ over and over again. Suffice I mention that we later discovered that the business we wanted to put the money into was fake!

We would have lost the money and also lost the opportunity to invest in the kingdom of God.

We now think of His kingdom and His righteousness first before every other thing every day! You can guess what the result had been- awesome!

Note: The biblical money management principles described in post may not work for you if you are not a born again child of God. You can become one by confessing your sins and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

Let me read your experience if you have read this post and have prayed the prayer of salvation as instructed.

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Further Reading: Psalm 34:9, Psalm 37:25, Mark 10:29-30

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I love to teach and use success principles from the Bible to solve practical problems. My many books tell all the stories. All problems have their solutions in the Bible. I am married with kids.

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