October 4, 2018

Birth of the Josephs

Birth of the Josephs (BOJ)

Godly principles, strategies, and wisdom to solve the world’s economic problems. This is the College version of the Visionary Business Project which is a platform where we raise God-conscious, God-fearing and problem-solving CEOs, entrepreneurs, and work-place professionals that will conduct activities in their businesses and work places to glorify God on this

birth of josephs faith based bsuiness
Birth of the Josephs follows the interesting story of the biblical Josephs who followed a Godly path and experience to solve the economic problem of the world thereby fulfilling his God -given destiny.

We believe students in the higher institutions can use Godly principles to solve economic problems of the world either as entrepreneurs or as work-place professionals.

We believe they can be useful vessels to God in the corporate world now or in the future after graduation from school.

BOJ is designed to achieve the following objectives:

To prepare students for life after graduation from school as either
entrepreneurs or work-place professionals.
To show students the relevance and usefulness of God’s Word to their success as students, entrepreneurs or  work-place professionals.
To teach students the relevance of righteousness and proper conduct in the market place.
To teach students the path of using their businesses/work to glorify God on this earth.
To teach students how to practically use the prayer platform to grow their businesses or rise to the top of their profession.
To teach students how to fulfill ministry/destiny through business or through their works.
To teach students how to achieve profitability and success in their
businesses/workplaces by using their resources to advance God’s kingdom on this earth.

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