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The Book Academy (E-Classes)

A modern -day Bible training school with the divine mission of raising problem -solving students who will not lag in diligence but fervent in spirit serving the Lord. (Romans 12:11).

Solve Your Problems. Solve The Problems of Others. Fulfill Destiny.

Registration are now open  to the public for the intensive certificate problem -solving courses on our platform.

Imagine yourself having the capacity to solve your problems and also go ahead to solve other people’s problems.

Can you think of how you felt when you got a solution to that lingering problem you have battled with for many years?

The Book Academy, a problems-solving Bible Training school has a mission to turn you into a solver of your own problems and also solve other people’s problems using the ever-dependable powers and principles of God.

The following are the list of available courses:

Free Courses

Christian Faith principles: How to get a miracle from God with your faith.  Click Christian Faith Course to register.

B-Motivation: How to receive the power for sound Christian living and for success in business and in your work place. Click Christian Motivation course to register.

Fear-Stopping Strategies: How to use spiritual weapons you are familiar with to stop fear from stopping you.  Click How to stop fear course to register.

Starting a Faith Based Business: How Christians can kick start any business idea without money or any capital. Click Starting faith Based business to register.


Premium Courses

From Business Vision To Manifestation: How take a business vision from the seed stage to the maturity stage following the sure principles of God.  Click Business vision course to register.

Anger Management Principles: How I overcame violent anger. This course analyzed extensively the practical experience of the lecturer with violent anger.  Click Anger Management to register.

Visionary Business Development: This is a detailed course for Christian entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to use business to serve God and humanity.  Click Visionary Business to register


Skills Development Courses (premium)

Book Formatting for Kindle Publishing: This short course shows you how to format your book manuscript for kindle or Smashwords publishing.  Click Book Formatting Course to register.

Ebook Cover Design: Learn the basic skill to design your book covers for publication on Kindle and Smashwords using Fireworks. Click Ebook Cover design course to register.

Design Newspaper and Magazines With Corel Draw: This is a simple course that shows you how to use basic tools in Corel Draw to design magazines and newspapers for both offline and online publication. Click Design Newspaper and Magazines With Corel Draw to register.


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