Can you start a big business idea without having start-up resources or capital in place?

After I finished a wealth-creation book in my country, I took the decision to include a short survey question in front of the book so that readers of the book can answer the questions and send the answers to me to receive a small gift. This is one of the questions in the survey:

“Write in three words a problem that has proven very difficult for you to solve in the past four years.”

Entries Poured In

start a big business idea without having start-up resources

Well, entries came in as people buy and read the book. I discovered that over 95% of the problems readers of the book mentioned they have found difficult to solve in the past four years was, ‘having no capital to start their businesses.’

In view of this, I took my search online and also discovered there have been lots of discussions on the same issue online in different forums with lots of people desiring to know how they can get the capital or the money resources to start work on their cherished business ideas.

In private discussion with Christians who desire to start a business, this same topic has dominated the discussions.

These discoveries prompted me to write a short book that will be available free on all the major estores online and on this website.

I know money resources is necessary to start a business idea but I also know, from personal experience and from the experiences of people I have investigated over the years, that lack of or the unavailability of capital or money should not stop anyone from starting work on a business idea.

Many successful business people today have launched their business ideas without having the required capital to start it. They started and have built these businesses to become profitable ventures.

As Christians, I want you to remember that we were created in the image of God. If this is the case, we are expected to act just like Him on this earth. This fact is not only relevant to us inside the church alone but everywhere where we have the opportunity of living out the God-like life on this earth.

The business platform is just one of these outside-the-church platforms where we are expected to put our God-like mature to work.

Can you recollect how God began to work on the heavens and earth creation project in the Bible book of Genesis Chapter one? The Bible did not show us God used any money resources to start this creation venture. The things He started with were spiritual. Then He began to use the available resources He had at His disposal to continue the creation work at every stage after he started.

This should also be your guiding principles too as a Christian entrepreneur.

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