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Christian drama school in Nigeria
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Christian drama school in Nigeria

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If you want s Christian drama school in Nigeria with the complete curriculum and standard that can get you off the ground as a Christian drama minister, then you need to read the full post.

This school has trained several Christian drama ministers in Nigeria over the years. You can just become one of the students that will become a God-fearing and purpose-driven drama minister.

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What is a Christian drama school?

A Christian drama school is one where the technicalities and the rudiments of Christian drama ministry are taught.

In a Christian drama school, you are taught how to work for God in the field of drama ministry doing His will. A good Christian drama college should teach you the fear of God and the Bible should be the basis for the teachings in the school.


Christian drama school in Nigeria where you get all

The Christian drama school in Nigeria where everything you need is given to you is none other than Calvary Drama Ministers Technical School (DMTS).

This drama ministers school gives everything to her students in a two-year course with each year having full tutorials for one week.

Calvary Drama Ministers Technical School is a place to be for you if you want a school where you will be taught all you need to know about drama ministry.

Courses at Calvary Drama Ministers Technical School

The following courses are administered at Calvary Drama Ministers Technical School:

  • Drama ministers and the drama ministry
  • Spiritual Tips to Excel as a drama minister
  • Casting
  • Continuity
  • Role-playing
  • Makeup
  • Stage drama
  • Graphics editing
  • Video editing
  • Camera handling
  • Films marketing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Directing

Who is behind this Christian drama school?

Dr. Moses Are is the President of this Christian drama school, Calvary Drama Ministers Technical School. Dr. Omoniyi Adeoye is the Principal of the school.

Dr. Moses Are is well known for his role in a Mount Zion film titled, Abbatoir. A film produced and directed by Damilola Mike Bamiloye. Dr. Are acted the role of Baba Gbenro in this film. He has over 30 years of experience in Christian film ministry.

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Duration of the course at Calvary Drama Ministers Technical School

At Calvary Drama Ministers Technical School, there are two contact periods called year 1 and year 2. Both years contain one full week of lectures morning, afternoon, and evening.

The first contact period or year is held in April while the second year is held in August. It’s a full boarding school.


How to enroll in this drama ministers school

You can enroll in this drama minister’s school by paying a fee of N20000. This fee covers tuition, boarding, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will agree with me that the fee is too small compared to all that is on offer in this school.


My experience at Calvary Drama Ministers Technical School

Christian drama school in Nigeria


I had a great experience at the Calvary Drama Ministers Technical School. The lectures were very friendly. The classes were lively and exciting.

The curriculum was full and was fully delivered as promised. We (the students) were fully taught at this school. All that is needed to be an effective drama minister was completely delivered to us.

Dr. Are Moses was indeed a father. He handled his classes like a professional and like a father.

The food was also good. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were adequately and deliciously served. All thanks to Mrs. Are, the wife of the President of the school, who was fully in charge of welfare.

The Principal of the school, Dr. Omoniyi Adeoye, himself an accomplished drama minister in Nigeria, played a fatherly role all through. He was friendly and accommodating.

Calvary drama ministers technical school was a good experience for me. I hope you will decide to be at the school to learn what drama ministry is all about.

For more inquiries about the school, please contact

0806 049 0059

0810 008 7371, 0803 373 7295

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