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The Christian Faith: My Humble Experience with the Christian Faith in My Marriage

The Christian faith is really the rope that ties Christians with the ever-present power of the most-high God. When it is not in place, a Christian can’t demonstrate or operate on the power platform of God on this earth.

You need to read the experience of my wife and I on the Christian faith. I advise Christian couples to learn to stand by faith together, this can produce tremendous power for the marriage and family.

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The Christian faith: The journey of my wife and I

christian faith


After four years of marriage, myself and my wife were childless. My wife found it difficult getting pregnant. We tried every Godly solution that were available but nothing happened. We prayed every prayer possible and quoted every bible passages possible but all to no avail. The only results we were getting were God’s promises that we don’t have any problem and that He would give us children.

We took the decision to take our Christian faith walk to another level by purchasing baby materials and one of it was placed in our prayer room where we kept anointing it every now and then confessing the arrival of our baby in the process. This also brought no result. Now I never knew that God was waiting for the time we will make our faith fly so that we can learn one of the most profound lessons about faith in our Christian journey so far.

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             The Christian Faith Instruction From God’s Spirit

On a fateful day, I was taking a walk and I spiritually sensed a message from the Holy Spirit which directs me to instruct our neighbors, friends and relatives to call my wife by the name of the child that she wants to give birth to. I knew this message was from the Holy Spirit  because I was not really thinking about that topic at that hour. Most importantly, I had never given a thought to such an idea before.

Well, all thanks to God for His grace, I passed the message across to my wife and we called together the children in the neighborhood and instructed them to call my wife by the name of the child she wants to give birth to since the Bible says that out of the mouth of babes and sucklings shall perfect praise come (Psalm 8:2 and Matthew 21:16).

One of the children, an 11 year old asked my wife where the child was and I responded that the name is for the child my wife will give birth to very soon. Trust children, they did a good job to promote this divine idea in the neighborhood and some of the adults joined to saturate our “spiritual environment” with this faith action.

Conception Answered to Our Faith

Three months after this episode, my wife conceived and safely delivered our first child nine months after! This was a great testimony to me and to others who were close to us. It was also a big lesson to me on the topic of faith. I understood why the Bible says in Hebrews 11:3 “…so that the  things which are seen were not made of things which are  visible”.

As a Christian, your miracles, successes and the likes rest in the spiritual, unseen to your physical eyes. The Bible says that God has “blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ” (Ephesians 1:3). It is only your flying faith that can bring these blessings down from the spiritual to the physical.

Now your crawling, walking and running faith may be able to get you by and get some things done but you will be safe operating on the realm of flying faith to get very stubborn issues resolved on this earth.

christian faith


             A Checklist of Walking By Faith

I want you to check out these checklists on how to walk with God by faith.

  • Believe everything is possible with God.
  • Stay close to God’s Spirit and God’s Word at very stage of your life. The faith instruction can come to you at any time.
  • When you receive the faith instruction, demonstrate your belief immediately by thanking God for the instruction.
  • Act immediately on the instruction if it requires you to do so. A delay can be dangerous. Do what the instruction says.
  • Keep confessing your belief and keep walking along the path of what you believed even if it appears nothing is working.
  • Thank God when you receive the miracle. This is very important.

Can you share how you have walked by faith and have received the miracle or the result with me and others. Please share your experience in your comment on this post.

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