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There are not many good Christian guides to stop addiction and masturbation. The reason for this I believe is because some people still believe that the Bible does not contain relevant information to stop addiction or masturbation.

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Now if you belong to this school of thought, I would like you to take your yourself out of this ignorant crowd. The Bible contains solutions to any problem imaginable on this earth.

Come to think of it, this is the reason why it is the eternal Word of God.

My Christian Guides to Stop Addiction and Masturbation is useful

Well, my Christian guides to stop addiction and masturbation has proven over the years to be a useful guide on this topic. You will find out from one of the most dramatic reviews I received from a user soon. The review was given straight from his heart.

I believe this is the same way the guide has helped lots of others who have not given a review or write to me. please read on.

My Visit to a Christian Online Forum

I was going through an online Christian forum many years ago and I stumbled upon an interesting long thread on the topic of addiction and masturbation. I observed and read almost all the comments and I saw the deep concern of the people on this topic.

There are not many good Christian guides to stop addiction and masturbation. However, this Christian post shows you how to stop addiction. Read more.Click To Tweet

After I exited the Christian forum, I thought of an idea to provide a Christian solution to the problem of addiction and masturbation. I understood from God’s Word that the simple solution to any problem of addiction is for the addict to take control of his mind through the help and power of God.

Christian Guides to Stop Addiction and Masturbation: What Paul wrote about this

Romans Chapter 1 was very clear on the fact that the mind is a major platform that must be kept tidy if you want to stop addiction. Paul wrote that because the people decided not to retain God in their memories, God allowed them to use their minds and then their bodies for unprofitable things. This implies that if you have decided not to use your minds for profitable things that are Godly, you will end up using it for unprofitable and ungodly things which usually lead to addiction and their likes.

My book on this topic relied on this basic solution fact to present simple-to-use nuggets on how to stop addiction and masturbation.

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Curing the anger addiction

I got addicted to getting angry violently and it really affected me so much. To me, it was an addiction because I was always doing it without check. I observed I had filled my heart and mind with unprofitable things like violence and hatred and strife so I was naturally manifesting violent anger. I had to allow the Spirit of God to help me and I dedicated much time, practice and prayer to stop this.

My investigation of this problem also extends to talking to students and people who have the problem of addiction and masturbation and smoking and pornography. I was able to put these ideas together and finally concluded that a check and serious work on the mind is a simple solution to the problem of addiction as the Bible has shown.

My Christian guides to stop addiction and masturbation, ‘You Can Stop Masturbation!: Simple Story Illustration Shows You How’ has helped lots of people over the years. The revised edition is bigger and contains more practical stories and charts. You will love it.

Christian Guides to Stop Addiction and Masturbation

             How a User of My eBook Stopped Chronic Masturbation

I want you to check out the interesting review from a user of this Christian ebook guide on stopping masturbation and addiction from the  Amazon Kindle store:

“I am a chronic masturbator. I mean, day in, day out, non-stop, my hands don’t leave my pants. My wife is okay with that though she finds it weird when I don’t quit when the dog comes in or during funerals.

Lately, I’ve been wondering, about the friction blisters that come with habitual heavy masturbation? The answer didn’t come…. I am a man of faith and try extremely hard to keep my hands out of my pants at church… To no avail. That organist may be in her 90’s but she’s hot enough for me to engage in solo sinful bathroom… Release…

One day as I was sinfully sitting on the toilet releasing some tension because our arch deacons wife did a suggestive glance at me and showed me her teeth was false; I was trying to STOP MASTURBATING!! I just couldn’t! So I prayed during the sinful act, prayed hard and heavy…

God finally answered! He said you may stop masturbating by reading You Can Stop Masturbation! Simple Story Illustration Shows You How. Unfortunately, the pictures only made my problem worse; I was nothing but raw skin and tears at my treacherous addiction…

That’s when I found THIS book by the same author!!! You Are A Story Away From Stopping Masturbation is a wonderful aid to let Jesus take your burdens and heal your raw flesh while giving you a hand! I no longer masturbate to man! I have the Holy Ghost to alleviate my urge! Since this revelation though, I don’t know what to think of mankind though… ”

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Christian Guides to Stop Addiction and Masturbation

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