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Why the church is not the problem

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Yes, the church is not the problem.

I have read many posts online accusing the church of causing the problem Nigeria and Africa are facing. But is the church the problem?

I beg to disagree especially if we are to look at this from the Nigerian angle which I am very much familiar with.

I am going to be using the Nigerian situation to do a strong analysis of this. I believe it should apply in one way or the other to other places and countries.

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Why the accusing fingers are pointing at the church?

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The following are the reasons why I think the accusing fingers are pointing at the church;

  • The church has gained lots of promotion and development over the years compared to the early years.
  • The church and the minsters are no longer living the pauper lives they used to live in those days
  • The church is attracting the high and mighty into her fold especially politicians and government officials that the people believe are corrupt and selfish
  • Pastors are becoming very influential in society today and this is causing some people to be uncomfortable
  • We can’t rule out people who just don’t like anything about the church so they will always criticize the church and ascribe all the causes of all the problems of the world to the church
  • The devil and his agents are not resting and they will continue to throw those demonic attacks at the church

Those are some of the reasons why I believe the church is being accused as the cause of the problem we are facing in Nigeria and Africa. But the truth is that the church is not the problem.

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Why the church is not the problem in Nigeria

The following are the reasons why the church is not the problem:

Many Godless nations are struggling

The problem with Nigeria is not the church. Some countries in Africa don’t have churches or are not as religious as Nigeria but who are still backward and foolish.

Churches helped developed countries

Why the church is not the problem

Nigerians and Africans always praise the works and the development in first-world countries but we have forgotten that we have churches in some of these places too. The church or churches in these places did not hinder the development of these countries.

Instead, they helped the development. If they are excelling despite the presence of the church then if we are not excelling because of the presence of the church, it means there are things we are doing wrong.

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Sometimes, we point out some good things about China Europe USA, etc. but we don’t always want to talk about the problems in these countries too. The church in those countries has been at the forefront to correct those anomalies.

As a teacher in schools for many years, I see how Nigerians living abroad bring their children back home to secondary schools in Nigeria because they don’t want them to embrace the wrong morals in these places.

Someone in London and Canada spoke to me about how marriages and families are under attack and are crumbling in these places. And how they had to withdraw their children from public schools.

The church in those places has been crying out trying to caution their government and people about how dangerous it will be to forsake the ways of God. This is particularly evident in the United States of America.

If the church is doing this perfectly in those countries, how can we then say the church is bad? How come we have not allowed the church to help us in Africa?

 The good deeds of the church

I wonder why we put all the blame on religion and the churches. Does that mean the church has not done anything good? Okay, let us look at this: Check out the number of employees being paid salaries by mission houses in Nigeria and you will be grateful to God for the church.

When state governments are struggling to pay salaries, churches don’t owe. It’s bad if we can’t see this and also give kudos to the church for this.

You can say it’s the money offered by the people but that means it’s been used for a good purpose. What about the running of universities in Nigeria?

The Nigerian government is struggling. The church is running the university system without owning lecturers. You will say it’s expensive, tell me how many universities are free all over the world. Even the government doesn’t run universities abroad. Check the fact.

What about Non- church attendees?

Sometimes, we talk as if all the evil is coming from the church but do you know that we have a lot of people who don’t even attend the church but who are also destroying the system and the image of the country?

Can you now say the church is the problem?


My Conclusion

My take here; Agreed, we need to get our priorities right. The bible says let all things be done decently and in order. The proliferation of churches is a result of hunger in the land. Hunger in the land is the handiwork of selfish politicians and wicked government officials.

There are fake churches but that does not rule out the fact that there are good churches that are helping the people, the system, and the country. We should not be throwing the baby away with the bad water. God will help us.


Why the church is not the problem


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I love to teach and use success principles from the Bible to solve practical problems. My many books tell all the stories. All problems have their solutions in the Bible. I am married with kids.

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