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Developing spiritual strength for your project

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Developing spiritual strength for your project is as simple as learning and practicing the principles I will be discussing in this article. We all need spiritual strength to start and complete projects. I want you to read this carefully to pick up the useful revelation of developing strength as a Christian especially when you are on a mission or in the process of working on a business idea.


What is spiritual strength?

Spiritual strength, especially when it has to do with the focus of this post, is the help a Christian receives from God which goes a long way to strengthen him internally and get him up and running with his mission or projects.  God promised to strengthen us out of Zion (Psalm 20).


When you are physically tired

Of course, you can get physically tired when you are in the process of completing a project but you need spiritual strength to keep you going.  How do you then have this important spiritual strength to keep on forging on your project? Read it below.


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Developing spiritual strength is about working on a divine project

The basic fact or revelation in this post is:

If your project was divinely inspired or commanded, you will never get tired of it. You may get tired physically but you will never get tired of running with the project. You will always be hungry and thirsty to get up and continue to push on.

I once heard a minister said:

“Though I get tired I don’t get tired of ministry.”  He won’t get tired because he is running with a divinely given project.


Bible passage on developing spiritual strength

Read this below:

“And Gideon came to the Jordan and passed over, he and the 300 men with him, faint yet pursuing.” (Judges 8:4)

It was the same with Gideon and the three hundred men he chose to fight against the enemies of Israel. If you are getting tired of your project and you don’t feel like going ahead again, then you need to take your time to find out if you are running with the right project.


Keys to spiritual strength for your projects

Finally, let me put the ideas together in a list on how to develop spiritual strength for your projects:

  • You must a child of God – you must be born again
  • You must discover your God-given purpose
  • You must be involved with the right projects that are in line with your God-given purpose
  • You must always study the Word of God
  • You must be thankful and prayerful

I hope you have been able to pick up some secrets of spiritual strength for your project in this post. Please share with your friends online.

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I love to teach and use success principles from the Bible to solve practical problems. My many books tell all the stories. All problems have their solutions in the Bible. I am married with kids.

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