Doctrines of Demons Book: Readers Show Great Interest To This Free Book On Amazon and Other Estores

Since i published ‘Doctrines of Demons’ ebook in our Bible Short Reports series and made it available as a permafree ebook on Amazon and as a free ebook on Smashwords and other estores, I have observed how it has outperformed some of my other free ebooks on these e-channels especially in the last three months.

doctrines of demons

The download rate is higher than any of my other free ebooks at Amazon and Smashwords in the last 3 months.

While I was wondering the reason for  the show of interest in the ebook title and the ebook itself, I received an email from a user of the book on Amazon who expressed his love for the content of the ebook and also went ahead to leave the following review on Amazon:

‘This book is a must have for anyonr who needs to sharpen themselves. There are so many teacher of thd devil out the guard your hearts. Read the book!!!’ (this is unedited)

I want to believe readers and the people are eager to know about the operations of demons and also the evil doctrines that have taken their hold on our world.  This is to me is good news.

Truly the people want to have knowledge of these doctrines and also find out how they can avoid them.

One significant thing from this ebook is that some of the evil doctrines mentioned in this ebook appear ‘holy’ yet they are from the pit of hell and the devil is happy some gullible people are not able to see through this.

I want you to read this book and let me read from you.

Perhaps you may also have one or two suggestions that can be included when I revise the ebook.

Let us collectively stop the wild spread of demonic doctrines in our world!

Thank you.

Download the ebook free at Smashwords: Avoid Evil Doctrines

Download the ebook free on Amazon: Avoid Devlish Doctrines

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