End time is here: Learn how to prepare for Jesus second coming

Of course it is the end time. Happenings and events in our world are already confirming all the bible says about the end time.

Preparing for Jesus second coming should take a prime position in our hearts today. We should not just know that we have to prepare but we must understand that it is the will of God for us.

Many events will compete for our attention but we should learn to give proper attention to our preparation for the Lord’s coming.

Jesus is surely coming back. We need to start preparing for His glorious arrival.

Read Jesus’ kind advice to you and I in one of His parables: ‘Be prepared- all dressed and ready – for our Lord’s return from the wedding feast. Then you’ll be ready to open the door and let him in the moment he arrives and knocks. There will be great joy for those who’re ready and waiting for his return…He may come at nine o’clock at night – or even at midnight. But whenever he comes there will be joy for His servants who’re ready!’

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