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End times: What God says about the troubled times

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This is indeed the end times. Many declarations of our Lord Jesus Christ and information from the Bible are already coming to pass. Many diseases and sicknesses are threatening our existence on the earth.

Coronavirus is a big issue today. Ebola was a big problem and in my part of the world Lassa fever is still causing lots of problems. These are indeed troubled times.


God is still available

But all hopes are not lost as God is God forevermore and His Word is still the only content and information that can provide the solution to these problems. I am showing you one of the ways God sees the troubled times in this end times today in this blog post.


What God says about troubled times on the earth in this end times.

Psalm 75:3 (AMP)
When the earth totters, and all the inhabitants of it, it is I Who will poise and keep steady its pillars. Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!

God shows in that passage His relevance to the way we find solutions to the troubled times in this end times. He is the Creator of the earth. He owns the earth and all that dwell in it (Psalm 24).

God knows and sees how we have abandoned and neglected Him as we conduct affairs on the earth today. Sin is usually the root cause of sicknesses and diseases. Sin is disobedience to the Living God.

We can’t afford to abandon the One who owns the earth as we conduct affairs in this end times. We can’t and we shouldn’t.


We need to come back to God

We need to seek and reverence God more. He is the One who can fix a troubled earth or a degenerating world.

When we seek and reverence Him more personally and collectively, He will supply the wisdom and the help to fix things.

Presently we have a earth and a world that are becoming wiser than their Creator. God, the Creator says, He is the One who has the solution to the world’s problems because He was the one who sets the pillars.


The solution to troubled times in the end times

God has provided this solution in Jesus Christ. If you don’t know Him yet, events in our world today is strongly suggesting the need for you to know Him.

If you know Him but you have been cold in your relationship with Him, you need to reconsider your ways.

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[title End times: What God says about the troubled times]

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