From Business Vision To Manifestation (a Christian video course)

christian online video course


If you have not taken my new online video course on how Christians who run faith-based businesses can take their business visions from the idea stage to the fulfillment stage, then you are missing a lot.

Really, the video course, as is customary with me, my books and our organization, was born out of insights I received from the bible and also the practical use of the principles shared in the video course. If you will like to enroll for the course if you’ve not done so already, I want you to

Enroll for the course on Business Vision to Manifestation

Some of the lessons from this course are:

1. How to receive the right business visions.

2. Your first set of reactions to any business vision you receive.

3. What you need to do with the business vision you receive.

4. How to create the right environment for the growth and fulfillment of your business vision.

5. The relevance of the prayer power to the fulfillment of your business vision.

6. And more…

I want  you to check it out at how to take your business visions to the reality stage course as a Christian.


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