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Fury vs Wilder fight: Twitter prophecies that crushed Wilder
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Fury vs Wilder fight: Twitter prophecies that crushed Wilder

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The fury vs Wilder boxing fight was one that drew my attention. Though I am not really a die-hard fan of the boxing game but I have shown great interest in happenings in the sport especially at the heavyweight category level of the game.

The likes of Mike Tyson and the story of the legendary Mohammed Alli also helped me to show some form of interest in this game.

The Fury vs Wilder fight

I was on a sports website some weeks ago and my attention was drawn to a headline where Deontay Wilder was quoted as mocking God. He said, “Even God will not be able to save Fury in their boxing rematch.”

The reaction from angry fans

Of course that statement threw up lots of reactions all over the world and Twitter captured it perfectly. I saw those angry reactions of fans as prophecies decreeing the brutal defeat of Wilder.

Well the prophecies came to pass yesterday. Wilder was crushed and defeated for the first time in his boxing career.

Fury vs Wilder fight: See the Twitter prophecies

I want you to look at the prophecies of Twitter users below:

Twitter prophecies that nailed #Wilder:

  • Sabali SBM: “You are the man  for me but not like this…
    FEAR GOD!”
  • Jean Pascal A. Zebaze: ” Please Sir all you said is good but just remove that phrase : “Even God can not saved you this time” I know you will win. But give God the Praise. If i may suggest repost something else that show appreciation to God before Febuary 22. Please Sir.”
  • Tigeress: “Nah uh! #DeontayWilder Do Not Bring GOD Into Your boxing Match With #TysonFury It’s Blasphemy!!
  • Fabio Damasceno: “God forbid, brother. Are you christian. Remember?”
  • Dee One: “That’s where you missed it. Your comment about God will surely come back and bit you. I promise
  • De Prince: “Looks like the pop [Pope] has made a mistake on you.”
  • Victor Emeka: ‘But not even God can save you the second time’. for this alone . You already lost the fight by way of knockout. Mark this.
  • Baron Samedi: ‘BLASPHEMY!’
  • Keith Graham: “Ok now. I Definitely knew you were going to kill him this time but don’t temp God!!!! Pray for forgiveness!!!! Even a figure of speech is dangerous!!!!!!!!!!”
  • Officialemmy07: “Bruh if you brag too much even to the extent of calling God’s name you gon [gonna ]lose the fight.”
  • Under-Rated: “Not even God can save u”
    Was this necessary though?
  • Dresupremacy: “Make a good phrase bro. Nothing God cannot do bro. I will wait for this your statement at the end. Goodluck”

Fury is champion of the world

The Fury vs Wilder fight should teach you and me the following lessons:

  • God owns the earth and all that are in it (Psalm 24)
  • God can enthrone and dethrone Kings no matter how powerful they are
  • Blasphemy is a serious offence and it can lead to serious punishment from God
  • Whoever you are and whichever position you occupy, it takes a split second for God to dethrone you
  • No matter the mess in our world today, God is still in control and He will always be in control

I only wish Wilder can take back his blasphemy and ask God for forgiveness or else he may not have the opportunity to be the champion of the world again.

Congratulation Tyson Fury, keep on enjoying Jesus Christ and your new champion status – you surely deserve it. What a fight the Lord helped you to fight yesterday!

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