God’s Promises: How to take delivery of them for your business

God’s promises to you, your family and your business are done deals – they are settled. I have read the content of Joshua 1: 2-3 many times and i have been blessed with it.

However, on one beautiful day as i prayed over a new level project in our organization, God’s Spirit dropped that passage on my Spirit again. Once i got that i paused to think over it and also to read it up in the bible.

God’s Promises Require Your Actions

I got a fresher meaning from this passage again and i would want you to be blessed by it today.

“Every place upon which the sole of your foot shall tread, that i have given…” Joshua 1:3

Now it has been God’s will to give them this land since Abraham’s day and He just told Joshua that they have to step on the land before they could get it. In fact, He said the moment they stepped on it they have started the process of possessing this promise of God.

Look, if you have heard a promise from God about your business or life, you wont take delivery until you take steps to step on it.

How do you know the steps you are to take? Ask God’s Spirit to show you in the place of prayer. Dont fold your arms, put up a plan and step on the land.

You should be ready to fight your way to your land of manifestation.

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