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grace and faith
What is Christianity?

Grace and faith: What is the relationship? (Video)

Grace and faith are two important topics in the bible and in Christianity. Both are useful to you if you want to do exploits as a Christian. I would like you to take your time to check out the revelation I got about grace and faith in this post.

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What’s the relationship between grace and faith?

The relationship between grace and faith is that of a twin relationship. Faith is the part that drives the other part. This implies that grace will increase and find full expression if faith is fully in place.

I have seen people who try to walk at a new level of grace without putting in the effort to walk at a new or increasing level of faith. Usually, they struggle.

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Grace and faith defined practically (Watch video)

You can also click here to watch the video


You can also click here to watch the video

Launch out into New level

I believe you should be able to launch out into a new level of grace and faith as a result of what you have learned in those videos. The grace of God is sweet because it gives you the opportunity to have access to God’s supernatural ability to get projects completed or to manifest as a Christian. But you should always remember that your walk of faith is extremely important to walk at a new level of grace.

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