How to Get Inspirational Ideas to Take Massive Actions

Can you sue inspirational ideas to take massive actions of on your project or tasks? This is the focus of this article.

Really I don’t see how I would have achieved lots of the things I have achieved with our Christian organisation if I have not positioned myself to receive these types of inspirations from God’s Spirit and from the Word of God.

Obstacles Are There to Stop You

inspirational ideas to take actions

You see there are many obstacles here that are always ready to stop you and your developmental activities. Most times, these limiting obstacles are spiritual and are beyond what your physical strength can handle. You need the spiritual strength of God and He is ready to supply them to you through inspirations.

You will need to start following a process and plans of activities to ensure you always receive these inspirations from God.

How to use inspirations to take actions. These tips will help you:

  1. You should be very clear about the project you want to take action on. Spread out what you want to do on paper very clearly.
  2. Find out or carry out researches on what you want to do. A good knowledge of what you want to do can really help your confidence.
  3. Read motivational books. I have written several Christian motivational books like these. I help people to take actions with my books and articles written from God’s inspirations to me.
  4. Find out a motivational figure in the area where you want to achieve a result. Some people call them mentors. If someone has done it before then you can also do it especially if this person is a mentor to you.
  5. Stay away from people who will discourage you. Run away from their camps. They will do you no good.
  6. Check out other results you have had over the years. The fact that you accomplished those things then will help your confidence.
  7. God’s Word is the primary platform where God gives inspirations. You can’t really survive as a Christian if you are not studying God’s Word. This is a fact the devil is influencing many people to contest today.
  8. The Spirit of God is the giver of these inspirations. He helps you to catch it from God’s Word. He helps you to catch revelations from your mentors. He helps you in a lot of ways. He is the best friend you can have.

Remember that you will need Godly inspirations to survive in our world of today where demonic activities are increasing on a daily basis to limit and stop you from achieving your worthwhile Christian goals. I believe those tips above will help you to receive inspirations to take actions.

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I want you to look at the summary of the platforms where you can get inspirations to take actions again:

9 Good Sources of Inspiration and Motivation for You

  1. God’s word in the Bible
  2. Prayer to God.
  3. Past projects that you have worked upon that have been successful.
  4. When you gather in a meeting with inspired people.
  5. When you have a chance to meet with your mentors.
  6. Read a book you have written.
  7. Read the testimonials of people who have interacted with your works or books.
  8. When you see the joy in people’s faces when you share what you have with them.
  9. Staying in the midst of your family.

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