How to get involved in your community as a Christian

You can actually get involved actively in your community even as a Christian. You and other Christians in your community should stop the dangerous vacuum that ungodly people are exploiting to spread ungodliness in our world.


I’m still teaching from the lessons we can extract from the life of Jesus and His Word for your personal and business development. Please enjoy the lesson for today.

Just before John the Baptist came on board, there was a long absence of someone who truly represented the true God in Israel. There was a dangerous vacuum.

When Jesus came, a true representation of God came on the scene. Jesus ensured the dangerous vacuum of past years disappeared.  He preached and lived the God life in the society.

Ungodly people who have enjoyed the vacuum before Jesus came were challenged by Jesus’ activities. I am not surprised they fought against Him all through His ministry.

Are we allowing that dangerous vacuum today in our society, in our work place, and in the market place? Remember ungodly people love to exploit such vacuum.

I read the interesting story of Philip and his evangelistic activities in Samaria in Acts 8. Philip preached the Word of God and many people were saved.

However, the city of Samaria was in a terrible condition before Philip got there with the gospel of Jesus Christ. A Sorcerer called Simon was in charge with his magic and ungodliness.

The bible records this: ‘But there was a certain man called Simon who previously practiced sorcery in the city and astonished the people claiming that he was someone great.’ Acts 8:9

The bible also shows this about the terrible condition of Samaria then: ‘to whom they all gave heed, from the least to the greatest saying: this man is the great power of God’ Acts 8: 10

The people had no alternative in Samaria in Acts 8. Ungodly people like Simon had exploited the situation to their evil advantage. What a relief to the people when Philip came.

When Philip came to Samaria and fully represented Godliness and preached to the people, they heeded him and forsook Simon and his sorcery. Even Simon himself believed.

Christians who love to demonstrate their Christianity only inside the church should understand this: The real action is outside there in the society.

We should stop the vacuum that ungodly people are exploiting to their advantage. We should represent God fully in our communities; place of work and in the market place just like Philip in Acts 8.

Live the Christian life in your work place and through your business activities. Tell people about your faith. Don’t be shy to do this. If you don’t do it, you are allowing a vacuum.

Get involved in politics if you are led to do so. Run your business like a Christian. Say no to sharp practices and dirty games in the market place. Give your values to your society.

Jesus was actively involved in His days on the earth. He did not allow the dangerous vacuum. He challenged ungodly people with His teachings and righteous living. We can emulate Jesus Christ.

Lastly, we should not forget the relevance of the prayer platform as we do what we are supposed to do. A prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian. Jesus never toyed with the prayer platform.

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