How to Set Goals and Achieve Them- A business tool that can help you (a short Christian video)

Setting goals (both personal and business) is one of the habits of successful people. This great habit helps them to get organised and also maximise available resources.

Setting  goals Christian

It is one thing to set goals and it is another thing to achieve them. I am discussing, in this short Christian video, a simple tool that can be of use to you and your business.

A business tool to set and achieve goals

This simple business tool was created from the statement of God to Abraham in Genesis 13 where He asked him to lift up his eyes and see growth and multiplications from the 4 cardinal-points directions.

Whatever Abraham could see God was ready to help him achieve them. How did the Compass business plan tool came out of this story? How relevant is this tool to your life and your business?

Please find out in this short Christian video. Click the link below to watch.

Watch video on setting goals/a>


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