Launching your business idea as a Christian

Have struggled to launch your business idea which you have kept in your heart for many years now as a Christian?

Is Start up Capital Necessary to Launch a Business?

When I finished a wealth-creation book in my country, I included a short survey on the first page of the book and asked the question below:

“Write in three words a problem that has proven very difficult for you to solve in the past four years.”

Entries came in as people bought and read the book. I found out that over 95% of the problems readers of the book mentioned they had found difficult to solve in the past four years was, ‘having no capital to start their businesses.’

In private discussions with Christians who desire to start a business, this same topic has dominated the discussions.

Start up money is necessary to launch a business idea but I also know, from personal experience and from the experiences of people I have investigated over the years, that lack of or the unavailability of capital should not stop you from launching a business idea.

Many successful entrepreneurs today have launched their business ideas without having the required capital to start it when they started. They started and have built these businesses to become profitable ventures today.

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