Learn faith from fathers of faith

The faith walk of great Christians have done great things for God and for the people on this earth.

Learn faith from faith walkers

You can learn the faith walk from those who walked by faith.

I got this piece from a friend who forwarded it to me. I believe it will helo you and put more fire into you.

Which of These will you like to Burn Like

Charles G Finney; a man with massive fire, his appearance caused 200 souls to weep without any sermon.
He rode on a horse through a city and people went down crying for salvation.

William Seymour a man with rugged tongue of fire, in his days the fire of the Lord came down physically to demonstrate ancient realities.

John G lake a man with tongue of fire; he healed the sick to the point they arrested him for practising medicine without medical license.

John Carvine of Geneva in Switzerland. He paid the price to the point that in Geneva their is no house without a prayer warrior and he achieved it during his time by praying.

John Knox of Scotland, he cried to God saying ” give me Scotland or I die and God gave him Scotland that after his death ten years after there is no beer parlour in that city.

St. Patrick of Ireland a man with raw fire he used his signature to raise a 6 month buried corpse.

He cursed snake in Ireland and till date there is no snake in Ireland. They tagged him the Apostle of Ireland.

France Assisi of Italy carried God to the point he understood the singing of birds.

John Wesley preached after they drove him from the city and he went to his father’s grave and he used it as pulpit. 700 hundred people came to listen to him.

Journalist enquired from him what is his secret? He said “I set myself on fire and people come and watch me burning”

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