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Nigerian Christian romance novel
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Nigerian Christian romance novel 2021

This Nigerian Christian romance novel will catch and sustain your attention until you read the last word in the Christian novel. The Prostitute novel is a unique Christian romance fiction that shares unique Christian revelation that can help your Christian growth and marriage if you’re married.

About this Nigerian Christian romance novel

When an upright man throws all cautions to the wind to marry a notorious prostitute. Your guess should be as good as mine – there would be so many matrimonial troubles.
These unique couples had to dig deep to sustain and keep this strange union. Did they find the strength to weather the storm? If they did, how did they achieve this feat?
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More about this Nigerian Christian romance novel

I want you to read more about this Christian romance novel:
  • If your marriage is about to hit the rock, hang on and read this novel first.
  • If you are single and putting plans together to get married, please read this novel first and give it out to other singles and married people.
  • If you are confused and you are already doubting if God still loves or cares for you, please read this novel first.
  • If you are extremely low on the love energy towards those sinners who need help, then read this novel today.
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Download this Nigerian Christian romance novel pdf

If you want a PDF copy or any version of this novel, you will obtain them and be among the first set of people to read this new Christian Romance novel. You will be able to  You will also be able to watch the video narration of the novel after your free subscription.

Can a Prostitute become a good wife?

Can a woman who was once a Prostitute become a good housewife?
That was the question a social media fan who saw the advert asked and my simple answer was a big ‘Yes’. The truth is that we were all into spiritual prostitution before Jesus’ precious blood washed us clean and we are now enjoying our relationships with God almighty today. This is the main theme of this fast-selling Nigerian Christian romance novel, The Prostitute.

Testimonials about this Nigerian Christian romance fiction

I want you to read what early readers said about this Christian romance novel:
  • “Hello, Chapter One already got me hooked and I can not wait to see what the rest of the book has. Thank you for giving it to us for free. God bless the work of your hands.” -mercy ogunlana
  • “Love It. Awesome story. :). Inspires me to write a similar version based on personal experiences.” Reviewed by dohorcadrg at inkitt
  • “Great message. Thank you, true that we all need second and third chances ” Reviewed by RKL on Inkitt

Watch video version and download sample PDF copy

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