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There are many Nigerian Christian story blogs where you can find good Christian story content to feed your spirituality on a regular basis. Agreed there are some that are below-par and which do not deserve your visit to their websites. However, I am presenting Christian story blogs in Nigeria that are of good quality where you can read good Christian stories on a regular basis.

What are Nigerian Christian story blogs?

Nigerian Christian story blogs are Christian online platforms where you can find good Christian stories that can help your Christian spirituality.  Most of these Christian blogs are run by individuals while some are run by Christian missions.

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Examples of Nigerian Christian story blogs

The following are examples of Nigerian Christian story blogs where you can find good Christian story contents that can improve your spirituality. Please enjoy them:

Christian personal development by Sesan Oguntade

Of course, it is normal that I start with this blog where you are presently. This blog started about 10 years ago and it is filled with lots of Christian stories and principles that can help your personal development and business development.

There are also many Christian ebooks, videos, video courses, podcasts, PDF checklists that are scattered at various places on this blog. These resources are completely free for visitors to this blog.

The owner of the blog, Sesan Oguntade is passionate about this platform and his Christian philosophy is that: “All problems have their solutions in the Word of God” Please click Christian personal development to visit the blog section of this website. You can also download the latest Christian novels from Sesan Oguntade at Nigerian Christian novels

Nigerian Christian Story Blogs: Life, God and love

This is another Nigerian Christian story blog where you can find good Christian stories to feed your spirituality. The owner of this blog is Temitope Ogunyinka. She is passionate about impacting the world through timeless wisdom and knowledge. She is also a passionate Christian and she enjoys sharing Christian stories about romance, love, and relationships.

You can access her blog at life, God and love

The F.A.B. Sister’s Blog

The F.A.B. Sister’s Blog is another Christian story blog in Nigeria. her colorful blog is a good place to visit. The owner is Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo (nee Ajaero). She said she is a ‘FABULOUS young CHRISTIAN lady’. She is very passionate about God and she also loves to write and to write about God.

She uses her blog to “inspire one more young woman to live for Christ”. She has a book titled, Fab Warrior Mom, a 31-day devotional for visitors to download on her website. It is completely free and you don’t even have to submit any email address or contact information to get it.

Please check out her blog at FAB sister’s blog

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Nigerian Christian Story Blogs: Fusing faith, romance and African spice

This is another colorful Christian story blog in Nigeria. It is owned and managed by Unoma Nwankwor.

She writes Christian multicultural romances that span Africa and Black Diaspora. Unoma tries to put together romantic stories for readers who enjoy stories centered around faith, family and the rich culture of Africa.

I found this interesting quote or testimonial on her blog from the USA Today HEA Blog and I believe this should motivate you to pay a constant visit to her blog for quality Christian stories. Read the quote below as I picked it up from her website: There are several free Christian resources on her blog ranging from ebooks and podcasts.

“Nwankwor exhibits the ability to capture and convey the emotional complexities, both in the story and within the characters. Nwankwor adds more depth to the cultural nuances that could be a roadblock or a gateway to understanding. She expertly intertwines all of these elements, including faith lessons, to make a tightly woven story for a reader’s enjoyment.”~USA Today HEA Blog

Please click Fusing faith, romance and African spice to visit her blog.

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Dupe Olorunjo

This is also one of the Nigerian Christian story blogs and it is simply titled, Dupe Olorunjo. From her website, she makes the visitors know immediately that she loves to write Inspirational Fiction.

She creates stories to challenge her readers to consider ‘life-changing possibilities sometimes outside their normal reach.’

She also declares very boldly that God is her source of inspiration. Her faith story shared with passion on her blog is a piece you have to read. Though short but it is filled with good story experience that can inspire you.

Though it has been a long time she updated her blog but I feel the website still contains good materials that can help your Christianity. Please visit her blog at Dupe Olorunjo

Nigerian Christian Story Blogs: Hephzibah Frances

This Christian blog is also simply titled, Hephzibah Frances. The owner is Hephzibah Frances. She is a minister unto the Lord and a scribe. Frances Okoro is also a Lawyer, Speaker, and social entrepreneur who is passionate about raising girls and women of purpose for God.

Her NGO which she called “Awakening Youthful Seeds For Christ”, according to her, is currently in the process of being formalized through her work as a social entrepreneur.

There are several books authored by her that visitors to her blog can access. Her book, Chastity for Men is a book men should aspire to read.

Please visit her blog at Hephzibah Frances.

I hope you loved these collections. I and my team will update this post on Christian blogs in Nigeria and add more blogs in the future. Please share this post with your friends on social media. Let me read your comments and share good Christian blogs with stories with us.

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