Overcoming Discouragement and Disappointments:How I Do It

Learning to overcome discouragement can be one of the major vocations you must master If you truly desire to have good success on this earth.

Even if you are a Christian and you have decided to walk deeply with God to have good success, you should understand that your sonship and friendship to God does not immune you from facing lots of discouragements in your pursuit here on the earth. Infact, i believe you will have more of it as a Christian.

Overcoming Discouragement – My Experience

I love the motivational charge of God to Joshua in Joshua chapter 1. God used His Words to motivate, inspire and teach him.

However, God said something in verse 9: “Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged for the Lord your God is with you…'(NIV)

Did you read that right?

What was God telling this man who was stepping into the big shoes of Moses? God was telling him to be prepared for events that will discourage him and make him fear.

Joshua had been notified and he had been shown what to do to overcome fear and disappointment – he was not to get discouraged. He should understand that even if some events were not happening according to plans, God was with him all the way.

Now you should know that nothing can be compared to God being with you. If things are not happening in your life and business as expected and you are a child of God, God is with you. He can turn your discouragement into an advantage.

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