Power to Do Exploits as a Christian

One of the many good reasons why parents in my part of the world, have encouraged their wards to go through the different stages of school despite the constant harsh economic environment is because they believe good education can make their children live a future that is without financial frustration.

As the children also go through schools, they become conscious of the fact that they will do their world lots of good, if they can be patient and strong to go through school successfully.

Now parents were able to develop great powers to finance their wards through school despite the constant harsh economic conditions and the children also draw upon that great power to successfully go through school.

You Must Think on This

Though, the thought of a great financial future comes naturally to almost every human being on this planet and as a result pushes us to act on our ideas. I will still advise you to find time to allow yourself think and meditate (thought engagement) on the possibilities of increasing your wealth if only you can just make yourself start and complete your projects. This action can always help you to be in possession of an enormous power to do to act regularly on your ideas. It is one of the super power secrets.

Now, I want you to handle this motivational tonic or power secret very carefully. This is just presented here as a motivational tonic. There are bigger reasons and benefits why you must start and execute projects.  Acquiring so much money will not give complete satisfaction and joy if it is ill-acquired and if it is not used to do the right things!

Fame and Joy Factors

“….who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of GOD” Hebrew 12:2). This is another great power-giving secret. Sometimes when individuals or organizations are not directly motivated to act on their projects by the financial profits from it, they are motivated by the fame and joy they hope to enjoy from the successful execution of their projects. Jesus actually saw the joy that was set before Him and he was motivated to “endure the cross, despising the shame”.

This fame and joy factors can also motivate you to become an actor. You want the fame and joy that comes from bringing that great idea in you into reality. I want you to tell me of anybody who is not pushed or motivated to take actions by these factors. If Jesus was motivated by it, then we will all act on our ideas if we allow ourselves and our minds to embrace them.

Some people will tell you they just want to execute the project and nothing more. Well this may be true but I know right within their hearts, they want to be mentioned in the future as the founder or inventor or owner of that great idea or project. This is one of the reasons why plagiarism is a serious offence punishable under the law all over the world.

Have you seen a published book without the name of the author written very boldly on the cover of the book? You can check the cover of this book again; you will see my name boldly written on it. Go and ask first-time authors how they felt when their first book came out from the publishers with their names boldly written on the cover of the book.

My joy knew no bounds when I saw my first book with my name on it as the author; the joy I felt helped me to brush up my writing skills in order to write and publish more books.

Do you want to be motivated by these power-given factors? Then you should begin to think of how famous you will become or the joy that will fill your heart if you can just persevere to push that project to the end.

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Sesan Oguntade is a Christian personal development expert and a strong proponent of the need for Christian entrepreneurs to run successful godly businesses. He writes the 10-year old Bible Short Reports series with over 30 resources including ebooks, videos, video courses, PDF Check lists and podcasts.

All his problem-solving resources on starting a faith based business have helped lots of Christians to ind and use godly principles to improve their finances and also run their businesses. He watches and analyses football games when he is not writing, reading,teaching or playing with his family.



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