Read How Compiling Testimonials Can Increase Your Doing Strength


Testimonials are positive comments of people about you, your products, your services, and your projects. When your life, services, products, adds values to people’s lives, then you can be sure they will pass their comments across to you saying good things about you. These positive comments can go a long way to help you to do more.

Just when I was putting finishing touches to this article, I stumbled on the following testimonials from an Amazon Kindle customer who bought and used my book, 52 Bible Secrets for Your Business Success: “Being a Christian, I was able to relate to the biblical principles of operating a business. My business has increased 15% since reading and applying the techniques in this book. Great for Kindle owners”.

I also got this from another customer from the same Amazon Kindle platform on my book, How to Maintain Focus and Concentration: “I was truly blessed and encouraged others to read this book. The advice, scriptures and testimonies has inspired me to push and look to God for my success”. Jewel, a Kindle customer review

These comments pushed more energy into my bloodstream and encouraged me.

My Students’ Comments

During my days as a math teacher, I have instructed my students to write anonymously about me and my style of teaching at the end of every term. I have really enjoyed their comments and these have helped me to do more in class. I have also done this after every Christian seminar we have had and the Mathematics BootCamp we have organized for students in schools.

You should ensure you gather these testimonials and comments and gaze at them from time to time – they will greatly help you.

However, I want you to understand that best testimonials and comments you can gather are in God’s Word as we have it in the Bible. Stay close to God’s Word, it will always motivate and inspire you.

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Sesan Oguntade is a Christian personal development expert and a strong proponent of the need for Christian entrepreneurs to run successful godly businesses. He writes the 10-year old Bible Short Reports series with over 30 resources including ebooks, videos, video courses, PDF Check lists and podcasts.

All his problem-solving resources on starting a faith based business have helped lots of Christians to ind and use godly principles to improve their finances and also run their businesses. He watches and analyses football games when he is not writing, reading,teaching or playing with his family.




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