How to Recognize Hidden Business Opportunities

This Christian tips will inspire you on how to recognize hidden business opportunities.


The owners of Mattel Inc., the creator of Barbie – the multi – billion dollars, world’s highest- selling toy were able to discern future prospect for tremendous  increase in child birth immediately the second world war ended and believed parents would need toys, which they saw were almost not available, to amuse their babies.

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“Come, follow Me, Jesus said, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19)

If you want to succeed in the tough business terrain, you must have the ability to recognize the potential of an evolving industry and quickly take position before it booms. Jesus was on the verge of starting His ministry on this earth and He needed those He would mentor to continue the work after He must have left. He saw simon Peter and Andrew casting their net into the sea to catch fish. Jesus knew these two would make good disciples. He took “position” immediately by making a “strange statement” – “…I will make you fishers of men”.

Peter and Andrew were fishermen who were very good in the trade of catching fish but were amazed somebody is promising to make them “fishers of men”. Jesus recognized this great opportunity to throw a lifeline at these men and it worked. They left and followed Jesus.

The ability to recognize latent money-making opportunities is common to founders of successful companies.

Model Resolution

This model resolution below will inspire you.

“Latent money making opportunities are abound everywhere. It is my responsibility to fish them out to grow my business”

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Get free enrollment for my online video course today and ebooks like How To Fly With Your faith and How to maintain Focus and Concentration and other free gifts.

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