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Sesan Ogunotade is the new name of Sesan Oguntade

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Sesan Ogunotade is now the new identity of Sesan Oguntade. Why has changed? I believe that’s the question in your heart.

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A little change in the name Sesan Ogunotade

This is just a little change. Though the spiritual implications and meaning are huge. I will not be going into the full details of the meaning of these two names.

The simple difference between Sesan Oguntade (the old name) and Sesan Ogunotade (the new name) is just the letter, ‘o’ in the middle of Ogun – state.

The letter changed the whole meaning of the name. The first name says the god of iron deserves kingship. The second name says the god of iron does not deserve kingship. So the letter, ‘o’ helps the second name to counter the message of the first name.

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Sesan Ogunotade is the new name

I am very sure of my redemption in Christ. So a name can’t enforce or cancel that. But because I preach Jesus Christ, I want my name to pass the same message across.

Therefore, the god of iron (my forefathers worship the god of iron) is not Lord and king. Jesus Christ is Lord and King.

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For your information

So the purpose of this post about this name change is just for your information. Sesan Ogunotade is the new identity.

Though, the old name is still all over the internet. The personality remains the same, though there is a slight name change.

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