Solving Lingering Problems: How to receive inspiration from God to solve problems in your business

You can receive ideas from God to solve that ever-there problem in your business, or in your work place. God can open your eyes to see the major solution you need to take your business forward.

“And God opened her eyes and she saw a well of water, and she went and filled the bottle with water and caused the young to drink” Genesis 21:9

God Inspired Haggai

Can you remember the story of Haggai in the Bible? She is that Egypt slave of Abraham who got pregnant for Abraham and gave birth to Ishmael. Now that you remember, I want you to read on.

Haggai had an empty bottle. Her son and herself were thirsty. They were in the wilderness. It was like all things were against them.

God Was There to Help Her

Thank God, God was not against them. Her child was a child of Abraham who carried a covenant. The child cried and God heard and opened the eyes of the mother to see a well – a major solution to their problems.

If it appears all things are against you in your business or work place, God is not against you. Because you are in Christ, you are under a better covenant.

Go on your knees and pray to God to open your eyes to see a major solution to your problems.

Let me tell you, the ‘well of water’ is always there but you need God to open your eyes to see it.

Go on your knees now.

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