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Sons of the Prophet

The Sons of the Prophet book is here to add values to your life, career, business or ministry. The book contains inspired revelations that God wants to use to help you fulfill your God-given purpose on the earth.

I want you to read one of the chapters of the book below:

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Chapter 10: Sons of the Prophet book: David Oyedepo and his prophets: his thoughts, his confession

I informed you earlier that the focus of this book is on Dr. David Oyedepo. This is for the reasons I gave earlier. Although other ministers have helped to raise lots of giants in the Christian body over the years, I am using the life, ministry, statements, declarations etc. of Dr. Oyedepo on both sides of the analysis.

The first of the analysis is what you have under this section of the book. I will be discussing the fathers of the prophet. That is, those who have influenced Bishop David Oyedepo in life and ministry in line with the truth behind this divine idea called the prophet-son relationship.

Just before I launch out to do that in the next Chapter, let me share the mind, statements, and thoughts of the prophet himself about his prophets. This is just to prepare you for the other Chapters in this section of the book.

Sons of the prophet book: Son to many prophets

Sons of the prophet

Dr. David Oyedepo thoroughly enjoys what God is using him to do in the lives of his sons all over the world. Though he is a prophet to many sons today, It is also good to know that he is also a son to many prophets.

I described at the beginning of this book how the Spirit of God launched me into this study and Bible success secrets when I went for a Sunday service at the Living Faith Church, Canaanland, Nigeria. Dr. Oyedepo’s description of his relationship with Pastor Enoch Adeboye fully drew my interest in this Bible secret. That was about 18 years ago as I mentioned earlier.

Now, it’s good we should know some of the things the prophet has said about his prophets over time. We need to know how he had boldly and publicly described his relationship with them over the years. This will set the stage for other Chapters of this section of the book where we will be looking briefly at each of his publicly confessed prophets.

God’s agents for man’s fulfillment

In his book, Breaking the Curses of Life, Dr. David Oyedepo descrbed prophets as God’s agents for man’s fulfillment on this earth. Read his views below:

“Every time failure is pervading the earth, God sends human agents called prophets; they are God’s instruments and agents of success. They are God’s agents for man’s fulfillment. Heaven honors the words they speak; God backs up the thoughts of their hearts, and every time they speak supplies, God honors it. During any time of tension, God releases these agents on earth, for the preservation of His people.”

He got spiritual values

In one of his sermons, ‘Unlocking the Supernatural,’ he rolled out the values he got from some of his prophets. I want you to read it below.

“Benson Idahosa was sent to embolden my stand for God. What a blessing that is today.

Kenneth Hagin was sent to help me. He helped my faith to grow and I got the mantle of the Spirit of faith from him.

T.L. Osborn was sent to open my ears to hear the voice of the Spirit and what an asset that is to my life today.

Kenneth Copeland was sent to open my eyes to the secrets of kingdom prosperity and what a blessing to my life and this ministry today.”

That was vintage Dr. David Oyedepo describing the blessedness of the prophet-son relationship.

He added, “I got a sworn blessing from each of them. Please position yourself to access help. Every true prophet is sent as a helper not as a usurper. No true prophet looks for what any man has. Every true prophet looks for what to add to every man.”

As we have seen severally in this book, there are sworn blessings reserved for you in this type of divine relationship if only you can keep your head and submit to mentoring from your prophet or father.

Get your copy of Sons of the Prophet book

You can get a copy of the full book today. The following are some of the lessons you will learn in this book:

  • The relationship that exists between Dr. David Oyedepo and Pastor Enoch Adeboye.
  • The relationship that exists between Dr. Oyedepo and other ministers of God he speaks glowingly about.
  • The biblical angle of this type of relationship.
  • If it’s biblical, what are the benefits to a son in this father-son relationship in Christianity.
  • The relationship between Dr. David Oyedepo and his sons in the Lord (this is the main focus of this book).
  • How you can enjoy the huge benefits of the prophet ministry and spiritual mentorship

And more ..

If you want more information about the book and to get a free copy, you can contact me here. You can also Whatsapp or call, Sarefat Vision Investment Publishing at 08034300979.

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