Spiritual Mentoring: The wrong side of it

Spiritual mentoring is good and there are many benefits of having spiritual mentors by your side in your walk in life and in your ministry.

However, the danger lies in how we try to lift up our mentors to the position of Jesus Christ in our lives.

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The Dangers of Over Celebrating Spiritual Mentors

Can we stop worshiping them. Can we stop over celebrating them. Can we stop calling them what they are not.

You need to hear some people talk about their pastors and spiritual mentors in a discussion. I once listened to a sermon by someone on faith and the experiences he shared were all of that of his pastor.

No personal experience. I wonder how you want to teach the topic of faith effectively without a personal experience yourself.

The truth is that we need to check ourselves and understand how to relate with our pastors and spiritual mentors. Your relationship with them should help you to fulfil your own purpose and Christian goals.

You should stop calling them what they are not. When Jesus comes it is not going to be what did your spiritual mentors achieve but what you are able to achieve.

You will be rewarded based on your own results and not the results of your pastors and spiritual mentors.

Paul said all things are yours. Even the annointing of your pastor is meant to help you fulfil your Christian goals and purpose.


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