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The First Day I Stole (stories for children)
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The First Day I Stole (stories for children)

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The First Day I Stole. I walked tiptoeing. I shivered as something touched my leg. I felt relieved when I saw that it was just a cooler. I pushed it aside. No time to put in the normal place.

Anyway this was the first time I stole. I was not going to let that chicken laps in the kitchen rest.

Anyway, I don’t really blame myself that time. I was just five that time. And I believed that when you eat chicken bones, it added more bones to your body. So foolish. So back to the story, I continued my adventurous adventure to steal the chicken lap. I went into the kitchen very happy. I bit into the chicken lap. Very happy. A very happy ending. I was about to leave the kitchen when my mum came inside. I was caught redhanded or should I say red legged.

I tried to use my puppy face. But that didn’t help me now. The first slap landed on my face. I shouted. I tried to say I was not the one. But she did not answer. I tried to tell her sorry. That’s was when the beating stopped. That was the day I would never forget.

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