The New Year: You May to Blow the Trumpet Just as Gideon Blew the Trumpet

The new year is almost here and I am informing you that you should be ready to rise and blow the trumpet this coming year. What do I mean by that?

If you have not been able to rise and work on project or business idea that God has put into your heart, then it is time you rise and do something about it next year. You must blow the trumpet. The write up today is designed to motivate you using some selected stories in the bible. Please enjoy it.


“But the Spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon, and he blew a trumpet…” (Judges 6:34). Gideon was a good example of a “high-profile coward”. He had a very small power to do in him at this time. God really helped this guy to recognize how he could be a player but he found it very difficult acting on God’s idea until the “Spirit of God came upon him and he blew the trumpet”. The Spirit of God came upon him and immediately the level of his power to do rose significantly and he became a great actor!

Stephen Was Motivated to Give a Long Lecture

“…and they chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit” (Acts 6:5). Stephen chose to die for a cause that he believed in Acts 7:59. It must have taken this man, who the Bible passage above described as “a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit”, a great amount of the power to do and motivation to take this decision!

Stephen had so much insight into the history of Israel starting from Abraham to the time Jesus finished the salvation work and he eloquently and accurately relayed this to the council of elders in one single chapter (Acts 7). The Holy Spirit in Him has given him this great power and motivation to stand up for what he believed in. No wonder the Bible says in Acts 6:8: “And Stephen, full of faith and power did great wonders and miracles among the people.”

Bishop David Oyedepo wrote this about the Holy Spirit in his book – “Pillars of Destiny”: “We see a manifestation of this ministry of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Apostles after Pentecost. For instance, timid Peter stood up in public and preached an explosive sermon. Not only did he openly confess Jesus, he fearlessly condemned His enemies (Act 2:14-40). Also, he had a unique insight into the power in the name of Jesus and used it to raise the lame man at the Beautiful Gate (Act 3:6-8)…All these occurred by the help of the Holy Spirit.”

It’s By Him and Not By You!

With God’s Spirit active in you, you will not be short of the required power to do and motivation to always act on your ideas. Experience has made me to believe convincingly in the fact that Christianity is not a Do-it-Yourself trade but a Do-it-By the Spirit trade. I once had this interesting night vision which showed me the relevance of the Holy Spirit and my ability to finish projects successfully at the early stage of my ministry life.

In this vision, I saw myself in a big stadium with lots of spectators watching me and encouraging me to do well in the sport I was practicing on the field. The sport was a simple game where I was expected to throw a small ball into a rope with a circular end and which the upper end had been tied to a horizontal rod. I tried in vain to throw this ball into this circular end of the rope!  As much as I tried and failed, the more I became tensed and worried. The spectators also were getting disappointed. I tried over and over again but I could not get the job done. Then a Man tapped my shoulders from behind and said, “It is not by power nor by might but by My Spirit”.

When I woke up, I immediately recognized the Lord was talking to me from the book of Zechariah 4:6. I opened my Bible to read this passage again. Then I understood God was telling me how I would never fulfill my purpose or get any results in ministry if I don’t allow the Holy Spirit to help me.

This revelation was very timely because I was just planning to begin to take actions on the things God was showing about my ministry. I had planned to step out without being prepared! I began to study more about the Holy Spirit and I had to wait for another three years before I began to do anything meaningful about the ministry God has committed into my hands.

God’s Spirit began to work on me. He showed me trainings I must do, the Bible school I must attend, the books I must read, the mentors I must meet, the scriptural investigations I must carry out and more. He also led me into an interesting wilderness period in my life (you will read notes about wilderness periods under Chapter 32: The ‘Wilderness’ of a Project).

All thanks to God for the ministry of the Holy Spirit and all thanks to God almighty that showed that revelation to me, I would have frustrated myself in the process of starting out without being prepared for the task. If I had started out before the right time; I would not be able to receive the full compliments of His help and motivation which are necessary for the type of projects I am ordained to complete on this earth.

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Sesan Oguntade is a Christian personal development expert and a strong proponent of the need for Christian entrepreneurs to run successful godly businesses. He writes the 10-year old Bible Short Reports series with over 30 resources including ebooks, videos, video courses, PDF Check lists and podcasts.

All his problem-solving resources on starting a faith based business have helped lots of Christians to ind and use godly principles to improve their finances and also run their businesses. He watches and analyses football games when he is not writing, reading,teaching or playing with his family.



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