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The Prostitute Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Read Some Useful Scenes and Statements in the Novel


I want you to look at some memorable statements in this novel that will remind you of all I have written above in the last chapter of the novel and also to show you more of what the story of this novel is all about.

  • “I received help to see the inner beauty and decency beneath the personality of Serena” (This statement was from Steve. God always sees the beauty He has put into us at creation even when we are deep into sins and we can’t see that ourselves. So God relates and plans for us base on those things He sees in us).
  • “It’s a meal I’ve decided to eat in the public. It’s a drink I‘ve decided to drink in the presence of everybody.” (Another statement from Steve. Jesus demonstrated His deep love for us in the public. He died a shameful death on the cross in the public. He severally demonstrated and declared His readiness to die for our sins).
  • “Allowed unfortunate circumstances to make her take up the nature of a pig.” (The unfortunate circumstances we met here on the earth turned most people into spiritual whores. God never created us like that. Serena got deep into prostitution because she couldn’t control the circumstances she met around her).
  • “Abandon all decency to embrace immorality and infidelity.” (Lots of people have abandoned all spiritual decency to embrace the ways of the devil and to serve other gods and money. You should find your way back to God if you are in this category).
  • “Oh, what can I use to thoroughly clean a dirty pig? Until the dirty pig is thoroughly washed, it would always go back to its vomit. I believe that’s the task before me and it’s one I can’t run away from, it’s one I’ve got to find a way to do whatever it would cost me.” (This is a Jesus-like statement. It is only His shed blood as a sacrifice that can wash the dirtiest sinners away from their sins. Jesus gave the most precious thing to Him – His life to get this sacrifice done).
  • “Why must things continue to happen this way? After the last argument and after I used kisses to dry off her tears, I thought then and believed things were going to be all right from then on. I kissed her tears off, held her in a warm embrace, and made passionate love to her and she promised to be good afterward. I think that‘s turning out to be an empty promise. Why is our relationship getting uglier by the day? Why is she finding it difficult to live the good morality and decency I saw inside of her when I saw her for the first time? Perhaps, I’ve not grappled with the reality that I’m married and in love with an unrepentant prostitute. Perhaps…” (The same way God lamented over the spiritual prostitution of the children of Israel in those days and also the same way he is lamenting over some sinners today. Despite all the love He has shown, they still always go back to their sins).
  • “I love my wife for who she’s. I decided to marry her for who she’s. Right from the first day, I did not see any sign of prostitution in her though she was deep into it. I knew circumstances and societal pressures turned her into one. I was sure my love and my home will completely pull her out of prostitution. I was sure of that before I chose her as my wife.” (God loves you despite your sins. He sent His only begotten Son to the earth to shed His precious blood to wash you and me from our sins. He gave everything to redeem us from our sins. Please embrace this great love).
  • “I,” Serena said with her face turning gloomy. “Believe him. He has shown so much love to me since we got married, the type I’ve never witnessed all my life. Steve is a husband to Cherish; it’s just that I believe his demands are becoming too difficult for me to meet.” (Jesus is a Lord and Savior to cherish. No one can give you the type of love he has given you and humanity.)
  • “Maybe madam,” he said. “Maybe I expected her to change quickly. Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on her. Maybe my demands on her are weighing her down and making her commit more mistakes. Maybe…” (God knew that without the salvation plan, there was no way for the children of Israel in the Old Testament. They could not keep Moses’ laws. They could not have the power to love God and do His will. Only a life in Jesus will give you that power to do the will of God.
  • “But, “Steve continued. “I want her for myself. I want the whole of her heart and the whole of her being. I want to be the only rose in her garden of flowers. I’m jealous for her.” (God is a jealous God. He owns and created us so he should be jealous when the devil and his cohorts have taken our attention away from Him. God wants the whole of you and me – the reason why He gave us salvation through Jesus Christ. Please embrace Jesus today).
  • “Mrs. Hamilton took the stained white cloth from where she dropped it on her table and held it up so that the two couples could see it.” Mr. Davies, you saw me when I picked up this handkerchief. It was white initially but got stained by the ink I put on it.”(The sin stain can only be removed by the blood of Jesus Christ0.
  • “It’ll take an extra force, extra patience, and extra diligence, an extra carefulness, an extra love to remove this ink stain permanently because it’s a grievous stain.” “Mr. Davies,” Mrs. Hamilton said smiling. “You can remove the stain from your wife but you need all the extras I’ve mentioned and more.” (It took God to come down as Man in the form of Jesus Christ and to give His life as a sacrifice, shedding His blood that can only remove the grievous stain).
  • “I’ve got to. Yeah! I’ve got to forget the fact that she hid this from me for months. Yeah, I’ve got to forget the fact that it only took the discovering of a secret love email sent from Charles to her to know the truth. I’ve got to forget the fact that our visit and education at the counselor’s office did nothing to stop my lovely wife from committing adultery. I’ve to forget the fact that it took me some days to stop doubting the true ownership of her pregnancy when she told me she was pregnant three months after the Charles issue Uuuh…” (God had to look away from our sins and offer us the salvation plan. After we have given our lives to Jesus Christ, He also immediately takes His eyes away from all the sins we have committed).
  • “I know,” Bobby said stopping his friend from completing his statement. “You don’t have to tell me all that is left in you. Serene will not be that gold you saw in her initially until she’s thoroughly refined. You know it takes the extra fire to do that. For now, you need to put up with her raw state and help with the refining fire to bring out the beauty you saw in her at the beginning.”  (That is what happens after salvation. God’s Spirit puts up with your raw state and begins to work on refining you to become the gold that you are if you cooperate with Him).

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