Types Of Fear That Can Put You Into Their Cages

You will be learning some of the various types of fear that can put you in their cages in this post. I hope you have enjoyed the previuos posts.

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Now to today’s article.

There are different types of fear and it’s necessary you know this. This post will help you to recognize them and appropriately fight them using the simple weapons that will stile be discussed in this series.

types of fear

  1. The fear of the devil and his demons: This is different from devilish or demonic fear. Some people still have great fear for the devil and his demons, this should not be so. The devil and his devils (or demons) are not to be feared, he’s to be resisted and his other devils tormented with the right knowledge and wisdom.
  2. Devilish and demonic fear: This type of fear is extreme fear. It’s orchestrated by the devil and his demons. The evil strategy of the devil is this: Put demonic fear into the hearts and minds of the people before the final attack comes from him. When such fear is present, it makes their attack easier.
  3. Fear of facing God: Some people still fear talking to God. Sin is a major cause of this. This situation will always attract the devil’s attention. When you can’t face or talk to God, you lacked the power and strength to confront and win over the devil. You’re to have fear and reverence for God and not have fear of God. God is your Creator and He wants to be your friend.
  4. Fear of facing people or crowd: Some people naturally will prefer the ground to open up and swallow them than for them to face a crowd. All great achievers have had cause to face a crowd. In a high school where I worked many years ago, a classroom teacher for many years confessed to me he still have the fear of facing the general assembly of the students on the assembly ground! That confession shocked me!
  5. Fear of executing projects: Great achievers always have great projects executed under their belts in their lifetime. Many people have lots of great ideas and projects rotten away in their notebook where they have kept them for years.
  6. Fear of starting a business: This is just like the last one. Some people are destined to succeed as business owners but they have decided to play it safe and remain as poor employees. The fearful will not start or run successful businesses.
  7. Fear of the unknown: This is a common fear among the people. Some live their lives daily believing something is going to go wrong. They always believe they will lose their jobs, lose their families lose their business and so on.
  8. Fear of doing a new thing: Some people have done the same thing the same way. I’m not surprised they have had the same results over the years. You should be finding out new ways to do new things.
  9. Fear of making money: Money is good and it allows us to buy good things. It’s surprising that some people have fear of making this money! Yet they dwell in poverty.
  10. Fear of failure: To so many, they have great fear for the future. They’re not certain what the future holds for them.
  11. Fear of failure: This is another common type of fear. This has kept people from starting new things or venturing into new projects. When they try to, this fear stops them.
  12. Fear of death: This type of fear is also very common. I’ve seen people who can’t sleep well at night because of this fear.
  13. Fear of negative dreams: The devil uses evil and negative dreams to throw fear into peoples’ hearts and minds.

I hope this post has blessed you.

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