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Unbiblical doctrines you must avoid

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Surely, there are many unbiblical doctrines flying around our world these days. This is surely the end time and, according to the Word of God, it is the perfect time for false doctrines to take their places in our society and in the minds of gullible people.

Unbibilical doctrines and teachings will not go away from our midsts especially as we move closer to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. The devil love to use the platform of falsehood and godless information to out people in his bondage.


What are unbiblical doctrines?

Unbiblical doctrines are simply evil teachings that have been ‘cooked’ and delivered from the pit of hell. The devil and his cohorts use these false teachings to deceive the people especially Christians. They are teachings and ideas that are contrary to the doctrines of the bible.

When Christians allow these teachings to settle down and take root in their minds and hearts, they usually lead them away from the path of God and His Word.

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How does unbiblical doctrines look like?

Usually, these evil teachings or unbiblical doctrines appear just like the real Word of God. This is where Christians have to be careful.

If you remember how the devil used this to deceive Eve in the book of Genesis chapter 3. The devil also must have been behind the evil suggestion Sarah gave to her husband about getting the promised child. She said maybe God would, through Hagai, fulfilled His promise to them.

She was probably deceived by the devil with a fake doctrine. Unbiblical doctrines look so much like the good doctrines from God’s Word. You must beware.

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A false doctrine that has been around for sometime

I was on an online forum some days ago and I saw a post by someone who has been deceived by false doctrine.

I want you to read what he wrote: “Because Jesus has died and resurrected, anyone who has become born again will not go to hell again even if he continues with his sins.”

That was a false doctrine and it is meant to encourage Christians to continue in their sins while having a false hope that they will make heaven.

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My response to this unbiblical doctrine

I am reproducing the response I gave to that false teaching immediately I read the post to help the poster of the comment and others reading it.

“You have been deceived. False doctrine. Doctrine of demons. How come some of Jesus’ parables showed people who were cast into the lake of fire.

Let me tell you the danger of the evil doctrine you just believed:

  • It will encourage people to go on sinning after becoming Christians
  • It will help people to become more spiritually irresponsible
  • It will create a distance between you and God
  • It is preparing you for hell”

Sins do harm to us

God did not ask us to stop sinning because of Himself but because of ourselves. Sin does more harm to us than it does to God.

Christianity and the righteousness and the power we receive when we became Christians are meant to help us over sin and also to relate with God effectively as children.

It does not guarantee our getting to heaven. Christianity is not an end itself but a means to an end.

Don’t believe unbiblical doctrines

So don’t believe the lies of the devil. Embrace God and find out more about what Christianity has for you to live effectively as a Christian on this earth so that you can become a raptured candidate when Jesus comes back.

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Unbiblical doctrines you must avoid

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