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What are your testimonies of faith? learn why your lives should be filled with them

What are your testimonies of faith? When your life as a Christian is not filled with lots of faith results and testimonies, then it is likely you are living an ordinary Christian life! Faith is the ‘road’ Christians travel through to draw the power of God from heaven to work in their lives and situations on the earth.

What are your testimonies of faith?

When I sit under the ministrations of ministers of faith or the gospel who preach for one hour without sharing their personal faith testimonies, I lose interest in the sermon and switch off.

The funny part of it is that some of them would even be preaching the topic of faith. The only faith stories you hear from them are that of their fathers in the Lord.

How can you preach the topic of faith successfully without a single share of your own personal faith testimonies?

What are personal faith testimonies?

These are the results or testimonies you got at one point or the other in your life, family, business or ministry because you walked by faith or because you heard, saw a revelation or read a portion of God’s Word and you believed, obeyed and walked by it until you got the required results.

The bible says, “The just shall live by his faith” Habakkuk 2:4

If a walk by faith is all there is to a Christian’s life, then personal faith testimonies should be many in our lives and we should have many to share during our sermons or when we are ministering to non-Christians.

Any sermon on the topic of faith is dry and powerless when it does not contain your personal faith testimonies.

Sermons of faith ministers

I have observed for many years now that the major content of Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God has been stories that describe his personal faith testimonies.

Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church also does that with his sermons. Pastor Sam Adeyemi of Daystar Christian Center has turned that into a common vocation with his sermons. He is always talking about how he stood on God’s Word and with God to rewrite the story of his life from poverty to where he is today.

One of the most practical books I have read today from a Nigerian author is How to Make it in Nigeria Building Your Wealth from Ground Floor Up by Dr. Sunny Ojeagbase.

The book is filled with interesting, practical stories of his life and business.

Your faith testimonies draw sinners to Jesus

Today, sinners want to read, hear and see how your walk of faith has helped you so that they can think of how it can help them. Evangelism has become that practical today.

I am not surprised that my most popular and successful video course today is Christian Faith Principles which contains stories of how I walked by faith to get some visible results.

As we move into the year 2020, you need to check your Christian life and see whether you have personal Christian testimonies. You should because it will help you to determine what the year 2020 will be like for you.

Remember that “Without faith no one can please God” Hebrews 11:6.

God will help you to value His instructions and to believe and walk by them in the year 2020 in Jesus name. Amen.

Special note: The devil is happy when you are not walking by faith. I will write about the reasons why he is next.

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