Why Businesses of Christians Fail: One Major Reason

If you are a Christian entrepreneur then you are qualified to receive God’s help in your business. But how come some businesses of Christians fail and die?

This post is going to discuss one major reason. Please enjoy it and let me read your comment.

When a Christian entrepreneur starts out in business with God, he is expected to stay with God everyday of the life of the business. I have observed that it can be easy starting out with God but the real work is in staying with God in your business journey.

Judges 5:8 says, “They (Israel) chose new gods, then was war in the gates.’ You have to get commited to run your business with the rules of God. The devil does not want you to do this. He wants you to ‘stay in a glass house and throw stones.’ He does not want you and your business to worship and serve God.

How You Choose New gods

You can choose new gods over your business if:

1. You allow the many sins in the market place to have dominion over you.
2. If you begin to churn out fake and inferior products.
3. If you begin to go into evil business alliances.
4. If you are not using your business profits to honor God.
5. If you are denying your workers their dues.

You can stay with God and run a business that will glorify God on this earth.

Do you have any other reason why businesses of Christians fail? Let know in your comment.

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