Why the Christian Faith is like the air you breathe

I wonder how some Christians hope to get the best of God and have good success in their lives, marriage and business without walking by faith.

You see a walk by faith saved you. That is, all your dirty and stinking sinful life was washed away by the blood of Jesus all because you said a prayer line by faith.

In essence, faith saved you and you are expected to allow it to continue to be relevant in all aspect of your life till Jesus comes.

Faith in God is the Only Way

Some Christains have decided to handle the all-important Christian faith walk in these ways:

1. They believe it is only necessary for their salvation only. So they allow their fear and doubt take over their lives thereafter.

2. They have allowed faith to save them but they have tried to choose other aspect of their lives where they will apply it. You should understand that faith is needed in all aspect of your life.

3. They have turned against God’s Word and His Spirit, two important factors designed to help them walk by faith.

You see, a walk by faith should be how you live your life. It is the air for your breath. Without it you will not be a fulfilled Christian.

The bible says the just shall live by his faith. The Christian walk is needed for you to fulfil your God-given destiny.

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