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Why you must have proper business structures

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Having proper business structures is not something any entrepreneur should toy with. If you desire growth and God’s help and support, you must make setting up proper business structures your priority.


Why proper business structures?

I learned one of the biggest lessons of my life some years ago when the Lord spoke to me one beautiful morning this interesting words:

How do you expect me to bring growth if you don’t have structures on ground

Those words were very clear and I heard God very clearly that morning. I had woken up to come Into His presence and as I stepped out of bed to go to my prayer room, I heard His majestic voice.

I settled down on my seat to meditate on what I heard and the Spirit of God helped me to see what He was trying to pass across to me.

I had tried to work and operate with the organization He has placed in my hands without proper structures on ground and I had been praying ceaselessly for Him to help me.

Well, I would like you to watch the video below to know more about my story and why you must have proper business structures in your organization to experience the growth that you so much desire.


Video in why you must have proper business structures

Please watch the video below and let me read your comment.


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