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Ideal Organization
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Ideal Organization

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Ideal Organization is a divine idea that is hotly needed in this end times. We are indeed in the end times as many prophecies in the bible has shown. Christians need to find divine ideas, revelations that will keep their hearts and lives focussed on God and His kingdom.

An idle mind, they say, is the devil’s workshop. When your heart, mind and life are dangerously focused on God, you will not always open the door to the enemy.


What is the Ideal Organization?

The Ideal Organization shares principles, ideas and strategies that can help you to use your life, business or work, finances to honor God and to promote His Kingdom on this earth. I am passionate about this divine idea and I believe it will go a long way to help you too.


Ideal Organization is an initiative of the Visionary Business Project

The ideal Organization idea, principle and strategies is just one of the ways the Lord is keeping the fire of the Visionary Business Project burning. It is an initiative of this problem-solving platform in our organization.  Read about the Visionary Business Project here.


Valuable Contents under the Ideal Organization divine idea

The following are the useful contents for you under the Ideal Organization. We will be updating this page whenever we have new contents. I will be glad if you subscribe to our various video channels after you have watched some of the videos below. Please share these videos with your friends.

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What are Ideal Organizations? How can you start one? What’s the relevance of Ideal Organizations to the promotion of the Kingdom of God on this earth. Why you must start and run Ideal Organizations.

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How does the Ideal Organization divine idea apply to you?

Watch this video today to discover how the principles of Ideal Organization apply to you, your business and finances

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Learn the 7 basic steps to create or build the true wealth or Godly wealth. You will also learn the difference between riches and wealth.

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What is the law of average? How can this law be of great use to your small business? What is the Bible passage that taught this interesting law?

Learn how to use the law of average to grow your small business. Watch video now on YouTube

When the ground of your business is not yielding its increase to you again, this is what you should do. Watch this video and let us pray this prayer point. It’s time to rescue your business and finances from the grip of the devil.

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Watch “7 steps to Kingdom wealth

Watch “How to handle money (Visi

Watch How to Multiply Resources

Watch “How to achieve incredible results with your faith

Watch “How to achieve incredible results with your faith part 2

Watch “Why you’re not attracting more provisions than Pastor Adeboye and Dr David Oyedepo

Watch “Why Your Business is Struggling

How Job became the wealthiest and the greatest man of his time

The bible says that Job was the greatest of the men in the east. Surely, like others who became wealthy and great serving and following God, he must have followed a process, a strategy and must have applied principles to become what he was in those days.

This video shows the process he followed. This is part 1, so you may have to also watch the other parts of this teaching series on how Job became the greatest man in the east in his days.

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I love to teach and use success principles from the Bible to solve practical problems. My many books tell all the stories. All problems have their solutions in the Bible. I am married with kids.

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